Enzyme Engineering (3rd Ed.)


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ENZYME ENGINEERING (Third Edition) introduces the basic theories, basic technologies recent developments and growth trends in the fields of enzyme production and applications. This book in 10 chapters covers the introduction, enzyme production by microbial fermentation, enzyme production by animal and plant cell cultures, extraction, separation and purification of enzymes, enzyme molecular modifications, immobilization of enzymes, cells and protoplasts, enzyme catalysis in non-aqueous phases, enzyme directed evolutions, enzyme reactors, and applications of enzymes. A review and thinking issues are given at the end of every chapter. This book can be used as a text book for the students specializing in biotechnology, bioengineering, biochemical engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering, bioscience etc. It can also be used as reference by the teachers, scientists, engineers and technicians working in the fields related to enzyme engineering. This book has been translated from the third Chinese edition of “Enzyme Engineering” published by Science Press, Beijing, China.

Introduction / Enzymes Production by Microbial Fermentation / Enzymes Production by Animal and Plant Cell Cultures / Extraction, Separation and Purification of Enzymes / Enzyme Molecular Modification / Immobilization of Enzymes, Cells and Protoplasts / Enzyme Catalysis in Non-aqueous Phases / Enzyme Directed Evolution / Enzyme Reactors / Applications of Enzymes / Review and Thinking / Main References.