General & applied toxicology (6 Volume set) (3rd Ed., 3rd Edition)
6 Volume Set

Coordinators: Ballantyne Bryan, Marrs Timothy C., Syversen Tore

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This edition builds on the critical and commercial success of the first edition, published in 1993, and the second edition, published in 1999. With over 150 articles designed to provide accessibility to the widest possible readership, the title will remain a mainstay of the field for years to come. The new edition reflects developments within the field that have taken place since the second edition.
These include: New information developed in the areas of both the fundamental and applied aspects of toxicology. Considerable increase in the development of fundamental information and its applications, refinement of technical methods, advances in mechanistic toxicology, and greater interest in areas of toxicology previously regarded as of limitee scope. Changing approaches to methodological, interpretative, regulatory and ethical aspects of basic and applied toxicology.
General and Applied Toxicology 3rd edition is the first port of call for academic researchers, industry, regulatory authorities, and advanced students looking for timely and authoritative review-type information in this field. Due to the increase in public and media interest in exposure to toxic substances, there is also greater need for a general reference source for general physicians, lawyers, law enforcement agencies, information resource facilities, and members of the general public.
General and Applied Toxicology.