Heat Shock Proteins in Signaling Pathways, 1st ed. 2019
Heat Shock Proteins Series, Vol. 17

Coordinators: Asea Alexzander A. A., Kaur Punit

Language: Anglais

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Signaling pathways is a comprehensive mechanism by which all cellular organisms communicate internally and externally with their microenvironment. This is a highly complex and exact process. Errors in signaling pathways and in the processing of cellular information are known to be responsible for the majority of diseases including cancer, inflammatory and neurological disorders. Knowledge gained from the better understanding of signaling pathways will help in elucidating disease processes and will assist in development and design of novel targeted treatment therapies to combat human diseases and disorders. Heat shock proteins (HSP) are uniquely involved in a number of critical signaling pathways.

Key basic and clinical research laboratories from major universities, academic medical hospitals, biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories around the world have contributed chapters that review present research activity and importantly project the field into the future. The book is a must read for graduate students. medical students, basic science researchers and postdoctoral scholars in the fields of Translational Medicine, Clinical Research, Human Physiology, Biotechnology, Cell & Molecular Medicine, Pharmaceutical Scientists and Researchers involved in Drug Discovery.

Contains in depth examinations of the ways in which heat shock proteins (HSP) are involved in many critical signaling pathways

Contributions from leading experts in the field

A must read for graduate students, medical students, basic science researchers and postdoctoral scholars