Microfluidics in Cell Biology, Part A
Methods in Cell Biology Series, Vol. 146

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Microfluidics in Cell Biology Part A: Microfluidics in Multi-cellular models, Volume 146, a new volume in the Methods in Cell Biology series, continues the legacy of this premier serial with quality chapters authored by leaders in the field. Unique to this updated volume are three sections on microfluidics in various mulitcellular models, including microfludics in cell monolayers/spheroids, microfluidics in organ on chips, and microfluidics in model organisms.

  • Contains contributions from experts in the field from across the world
  • Covers a wide array of topics on both mitosis and meiosis
  • Includes relevant, analysis based topics

Section 1 - Cell monolayers/spheroids 1. Collective migration in microtubes Benoit Ladoux 2. Leukocyte adhesion dynamics on endothelial monolayers under flow Junsang Doh 3. Constrained spheroid for perfusion culture Hanry Yu 4. Cells in droplet arrays Charles Baroud

Section 2 - Organs on Chips 5. Heart on chips Marco Rasponi 6. Kidney on chips Sejoong Kim 7. Liver on chips and hepatic immune responses Mian Long 8. Gut on chips Hyun Jung Kim and Woojung Shin 9. 3D microvascular model-based lymphoma model Wilbur A. Lam and Robert Mannino 10. Blood brain barrier on chips Eyleen Goh 11. Multi-organ-on-a-chip for pharmacokinetic analysis Jong Hwan Sung 12. Cancer immunotherapy on chips Roger Kamm and Giulia Adriani

Section 3 - Model organisms 13. Microfluidics for neurological studies in Drosophila larva Ravi Selvaganapathy 14. Microfluidics for mechanobiology in model organisms Beth L. Pruitt, Anna A. Kim and Adam Lee Nekimken