Concepts and Applications in Health, Agriculture, and Environment

Coordinators: Singh Tomar Rajesh, Jyoti Anurag, Kaushik Shuchi

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This new book, Nanobiotechnology: Concepts and Applications in Health, Agriculture, and Environment, presents a broad conceptual overview regarding the synthesis, applications, and toxicological aspects of nanobiotechnology. It focuses on the entrance into and interaction of nanomaterials in the human body, which has generated intense scientific curiosity, attracting much attention as well as increasing concern from the nanomaterial-based industries and academia across the world.

This book looks at the scientific aspects of nanomaterials used in many applications of biosciences, taking an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses medicine, biology, pharmacy, physics, chemistry, engineering, nanotechnology, and materials science.

The volume covers the basics of nanosciences and nanotechnology; different schemes and routes of synthesis; and various biological applications, including sensing, medicine, drug delivery systems, and remediation. Further, special chapters will be devoted to nanotoxicology and the developing risk factors associated with nanosized particles during use along with the ethical issues related to nanobiotechnology.


1. Nano-Biotechnology: An Ocean of Opportunities

Mala Trivedi et al.

2. Nanomaterials: Novel Preparation Routes, Characterizations, and Applications

Juhi Saxena and Anupam Jyoti

3. Nano-Biomedicine: A Next Generation Tool for Effective and Safe Therapy

Vikas Shrivastava, Pallavi Singh Chauhan, and Rajesh Singh Tomar

4. Nanotheranostics: Next Generation Diagnosis and Therapy for Cancer

Sharmistha Banerjee, Shuchi Kaushik, and Rajesh Singh Tomar

5. Recent Advancement of Nanobiotechnology in Cancer Treatment

Abhinav Shrivastava

6. Role of Nanoparticles in Common Cereals

Raghvendra Kumar Mishra, Arunchand Rayaroth, and Rajesh Singh Tomar

7. Nanotoxicology: A Threat to Human Health and Environment

Sushmita Shrivastava and Rajesh Singh Tomar

8. Impact of Nanotoxicity on Human Health: An Overview

Bharti Prakash and S. Mathur

9. Nanomaterials: Properties, Synthesis, Characterizations, and Toxicities

Mohit Agarwal et al.

10. Nanoparticles: Method of Production and Future Prospective

Neha Sharma and D. S. Rathore

11. Nanoinformatics: An Emerging Trend in Cancer Therapeutics

Medha Pandya et al.

12. Thin Films: An Overview

Pankaj Mishra

13. Pharmaceuticals Polymers in Medicine

Divya Singh and Narendra Pal Singh Chauhan

14. Utilizing Nanotechnology for Environmental Cleaning

Kuldip Dwivedi, Shivani Yadav, and V. K. Yadav

15. Implementation of Nanotechnology in Agriculture System: A Current Perspective

Raghvendra Saxena, Manish Kumar, and Rajesh Singh Tomar