Peptide, Protein and Enzyme Design
Methods in Enzymology Series, Vol. 580

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De Novo Enzyme Design, the newest volume in the Methods in Enzymology series, continues the legacy of this premier serial with quality chapters authored by leaders in the field. This volume includes the design of metal binding maquettes, insertion of non-natural cofactors, Cu metallopeptides, non-covalent interactions in peptide assemblies, peptide binding and bundling, heteronuclear metalloenzymes, florinated peptides, De Novo imaging agents, and protein-protein interaction.

  • Continues the legacy of this premier serial with quality chapters on de novo enzyme design
  • Represents the newest volume in the Methods in Enzymology series, providing premier, quality chapters authored by leaders in the field
  • Ideal reference for those interested in the study of enzyme design that looks at both structure and mechanism
  1. Chemical Post-Translational Modification with Designed Rhodium(II) Catalysts
    Samuel C. Martin, Matthew B. Minus and Zachary T. Ball
  2. Cell Binding Assays for Determining the Affinity of Protein-Protein Interactions: Technologies and Considerations
    Sean Hunter and Jennifer Cochran
  3. Protein and Antibody Engineering by Phage Display
    Julia C. Frei and Jonathan R. Lai
  4. Incorporation of Unnatural Amino Acids into Proteins Expressed in Mammalian Cells
    Robert Serfling and Irene Coin
  5. Method for Enzyme Design with Genetically Encoded Unnatural Amino Acids
    Cheng Hu and Jiangyun Wang
  6. Methods for Solving Highly Symmetric De Novo Designed Metalloproteins: Crystallographic Examination of a Novel Three Stranded Coiled Coil Structure Containing D-Amino Acids
    Leela Ruckthong, Jeanne A. Stuckey and Vincent L. Pecoraro
  7. SpyRings Declassified: A Blueprint for using Isopeptide-Mediated Cyclization to Enhance Enzyme Thermal Resilience
    Christopher Schoene, S. Paul Bennett and Mark Howarth
  8. Engineering and Application of LOV2-Based Photoswitches
    Seth Parker Zimmerman, Brian Kuhlman and Hayretin Yumerefendi
  9. Minimalist Design of Allosterically Regulated Protein Catalysts
    Olga V. Makhlynets and Ivan V. Korendovych
  10. Combining Design and Selection to Create Novel Protein-Peptide Interactions
    Elizabeth B. Speltz, Nicholas Sawyer and Lynne Regan
  11. Metal-Directed Design of Supramolecular Protein Assemblies
    Jake B. Bailey, Rohit H. Subramanian, Lewis A. Churchfield and F. Akif Tezcan
  12. Designing Fluorinated Proteins
    E. Neil G. Marsh
  13. Solid Phase Synthesis of Helically Folded Aromatic Oligoamides
    Simon J. Dawson, Xiaobo Hu, Stijn Claerhout and Ivan Huc
  14. Conformational Restriction of Peptides Using Dithiol Bis-Alkylation
    Leila Peraro, Timothy R. Siegert and Joshua A. Kritzer
  15. Engineering Short Pre-Organized Peptide Sequences for Metal Ion Coordination: Copper(II) a Case Study
    Luís M. P. Lima and Olga Iranzo
  16. De Novo Construction of Redox Active Proteins
    C. C. Moser, M. M Sheehan, N. M. Ennist, G. Kodali, C. Bialas, M. T. Englander, B. M. Discher and P. L. Dutton
  17. Design Strategies for Redox Active Metalloenzymes: Applications in Hydrogen Production
    Rafael Alcala-Torano, Dayn Joseph Sommer, Zahra Bahrami Dizicheh and Giovanna Ghirlanda
  18. Equilibrium Studies of Designed Metalloproteins
    Brian R. Gibney
  19. Reconstitution of Heme Enzymes with Artificial Metalloporphyrinoids
    Koji Oohora and Takashi Hayashi
  20. Creation of a Thermally Tolerant Peroxidase
    Yoshihito Watanabe and Hiroshi Nakajima
  21. Designing Covalently Linked Heterodimeric Four-Helix Bundles
    Marco Chino, Linda Leone, Ornella Maglio and Angela Lombardi
  22. Design of Heteronuclear Metalloenzymes
    Ambika Bhagi-Damodaran,Parisa Hosseinzadeh, Evan Mirts, Julian Reed, Igor D. Petrik and Yi Lu
  23. Periplasmic Screening for Artificial Metalloenzymes
    Markus Jeschek, Sven Panke and Thomas R. Ward
  24. De Novo Designed Imaging Agents Based on Lanthanide Peptides Complexes
    Anna F. A. Peacock
  25. Peptide Binding for Bio-Based Nanomaterials
    Nicholas M. Bedford, Catherine Munro and Marc R. Knecht