Rat Genomics, 1st ed. 2019
Methods in Molecular Biology Series, Vol. 2018

Coordinators: Hayman G. Thomas, Smith Jennifer R., Dwinell Melinda R., Shimoyama Mary

Language: Anglais

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This book provides both historical perspective and practical information to support researchers either currently involved in genomic research on rats or planning to begin such a project.  In numerous chapters, a detailed protocol is provided for researchers looking to move into a new area of investigation or to leverage a new technology.  In other cases, a detailed review of existing models or a description of available resources can help the researcher find, understand, and utilize the information, the data, and the tools that they need to support their research efforts. Written as part of the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, this collection includes the kind of hands-on detail necessary for success in the lab. 

Authoritative and up-to-date, Rat Genomics explores the rat as a biomedical model uniquely poised to provide the ideal combination of established experimental models, extensive physiological data, and genomic manipulability to facilitate exploration of the underlying biology.

1. The Rat: A Model Used in Biomedical Research

            Jennifer R. Smith, Elizabeth R. Bolton, and Melinda R. Dwinell


2. Rat Genome Assemblies, Annotation, and Variant Repository

            Monika Tutaj, Jennifer R. Smith, and Elizabeth R. Bolton


3. Rat Genome Databases, Repositories, and Tools

            Stanley J.F. Laulederkind, G. Thomas Hayman, Shur-Jen Wang, Matthew J. Hoffman, Jennifer R. Smith, Elizabeth R. Bolton, Jeff De Pons, Marek A. Tutaj, Monika Tutaj, Jyothi Thota, Melinda R. Dwinell, and Mary Shimoyama


4. Next Generation Transgenic Rat Model Production

            Wanda E. Filipiak, Elizabeth D. Hughes, Galina B. Gavrilina, Anna K. LaForest, Michael G. Zeidler, and Thomas L. Saunders


5. Embryonic Stem Cells and Gene Manipulation in Rat

            Masumi Hirabayashi, Akiko Takizawa, and Shinichi Hochi


6. Protocols for Cryopreservation and Rederivation of Rat Gametes

            Akiko Takizawa and Tomoo Eto


7. Fluorescent Imaging and Microscopy for Dynamic Processes in Rats

            Ruben M. Sandoval, Bruce A. Molitoris, and Oleg Palygin


8. Library Preparation for Multiplexed Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing with a Universal Adapter

            Yong Liu, Alison J. Kriegel, and Mingyu Liang


9. Characterization of the Rat Gut Microbiota via 16S rRNA Amplicon Library Sequencing

            Aaron C. Ericsson, Susheel B. Busi, and James M. Amos-Landgraf


10. Networking in Biology: The Hybrid Rat Diversity Panel

            Boris Tabakoff, Harry Smith, Lauren A. Vanderlinden, Paula L. Hoffman, and Laura M. Saba


11. Using Heterogeneous Stocks for Fine-Mapping Genetically Complex Traits

            Leah C. Solberg Woods and Abraham A. Palmer


12. Mapping Mammary Tumor Traits in the Rat

            Michael J. Flister, Amit Joshi, Carmen Bergom, and Hallgeir Rui


13. Rat Models of Metabolic Syndrome

            Anne E. Kwitek


14. Genomic Research in Rat Models of Kidney Disease

            Yoram Yagil, Ronen Levi-Varadi, and Chana Yagil


15. Rat Models of Exercise for the Study of Complex Disease

            Lauren Gerard Koch and Steven L. Britton


16. Behavioral Genetic Studies in Rats

            Yangsu Ren and Abraham A. Palmer

Includes cutting-edge techniques and vital background information

Provides detail essential for reproducible results in the lab

Contains key implementation advice from the experts