Sustainable Biological Systems for Agriculture
Emerging Issues in Nanotechnology, Biofertilizers, Wastewater, and Farm Machines

Innovations in Agricultural & Biological Engineering Series

Coordinator: Goyal Megh R.

Language: Anglais

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Sustainable Biological Systems for Agriculture: Emerging Issues in Nanotechnology, Biofertilizers, Wastewater, and Farm Machines explores and introduces the use of nanotechnology, biofertilizers, and design of farm machines in agriculture. The contributions are from India, Africa and the USA; the chapters emphasize sustainable solutions for the enhancement of agriculture processes. The volume provides a wealth of information on new and emerging issues in this interdisciplinary field.

The book is divided into several sections:

  • Potential Applications of Nanotechnology in Biological Systems
  • Emerging Issues, Challenges and Specific Examples of Nanotechnology for Sustainable Biological Systems
  • Potential of Nano- and Bio- fertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture
  • Emerging Focus Areas in Biological Systems
  • Performance of Farm Machines for Sustainable Agriculture

The information provided here will be valuable to government agricultural professionals, scientists, researchers, farmers, and faculty and students all over the world.

Applications of Nanotechnology in Agriculture: A Review: Concepts, Aspects, Prospects, and Constraints

Saurabhh Jain, Ashwani Kumar, Tejpal Dhewa, Surbhi Panwar, and Rita S. Majumdar

Nanotechnology Applications in Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Deepika Choudhary and Sudesh Kumar

Potential of Nanotechnology in Dairy Processing: A Review

Lohith Kumar DH and Preetam Sarkar

Plant-Nanoparticles (NP) Interactions: A Review: Insights into Developmental, Physiological, and Molecular Aspects of NP Phytotoxicity

Shweta Jha

Extracellular and Intracellular Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles

Prasanna Subramanian and Kirubanandan Shanmugam

Biosensors: Potential Tool for Detection of Microbial Contaminants for Food Safety

Anurag Jyoti and Rajesh Singh Tomar

Modeling and Fermentatation Aspects of Pullulan Production from Jaggery

G. V. S. Rama Krishna

Antibiotic Resistance of Staphylococcus aureus: A Review

Divya Lakshminarayanan, Jessen George, and Suriyanarayanan Sarvajayakesavalu

Role of Nanofertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture

Arti Goel

Role of Seaweed and Water Hyacinth Biofertilizers: Quality and Production of Okra

Savan D. Fasara, Sonal V. Panara, Chhaya R. Kasundra, Prashant D. Kunjadia, Gaurav V. Sanghvi, Bhavesh D. Kevadiya, and Gaurav S. Dave

Role of Seaweed and Water Hyacinth Biofertilizers: Quality and Production of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)

Bhumika P. Chadamiya, Hetal J. Chadamiya, Vaishali D. Patel, Gaurav V. Sanghvi, Prashant D. Kunjadia, Devendra Vaishnav, and Gaurav S. Dave

Fishpond Wastewater: The Potential Irrigation Source

Lala I. P. Ray, B. C. Mal, S. Moulick, and P. K. Panigrahi

Urban Wastewater Treatment Systems: Assessment of Removal Efficiency Based on Microbial Pathogens: A Case Study in Mysore, India

Jessen George, Divya Lakshminarayanan, Severeni Ashili, and Suriyanarayanan Sarvajayakesavalu

Phytochemical Screening, Formulation and Evaluation of Polyherbal Ointment Containing Mimosa pudica and Samadera indica

P. H. Rajasree, Jessen George, and B. Krishna Prasad

Bioinformatic Advancements in Post Translational Modifications (PTMs): An Experimental Approach

Saurabhh Jain, Surbhi Panwar, Ashwani Kumar, and Tejpal Dhewa

Approximating the Quadratic Programming Problem

Elias Munapo

Citrus Fruit Harvester

Mrudulata Deshmukh and S. K. Thakare

Rotary Harvesting Mechanism: Sorghum

Mrudulata Deshmukh and S. K. Thakare

Performance of Stationary Power Cutter: Sugarcane Sets and Sorghum

S. K. Thakare and Mrudulata Deshmukh

Tractor Three-Point Linkage System: Computer-Aided Design and Simulation Analysis

Thaneswer Patel, P. K. Pranav, Nikhil Kumar, and Shyamtanu Chaudhuri