The Zebrafish: Cellular and Developmental Biology, Part B Developmental Biology (4th Ed.)
Methods in Cell Biology Series, Vol. 134

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The Zebrafish: Cellular and Developmental Biology, Part B Developmental Biology, the second volume on the topic in the Methods in Cell Biology series, looks at methods for analyzing cellular and developmental biology of zebrafish. Chapters cover such topics as cell biology and developmental and neural biology.

  • Covers sections on model systems and functional studies, imaging-based approaches, and emerging studies
  • Chapters written by experts in the field
  • Contains cutting-edge material on the topic of zebrafish and developments relating to their cellular and developmental biology
  • New, two part Fourth Edition in this important volume

1. Methods to Study Maternal Regulation of Germ Cell Specification in Zebrafish Odelya H. Kaufman and Florence L. Marlow 2. Patterning, Morphogenesis and Neurogenesis of Zebrafish Cranial Sensory Placodes Raphaël Aguillon, Patrick Blader and Julie Batut 3. Oligodendrocyte Differentiation Emily S. Mathews and Bruce Appel 4. Studying the Peripheral Sympathetic Nervous System and Neuroblastoma in Zebrafish Monique A. Morrison, Mark Zimmerman, A. Thomas Look and Rodney A. Stewart 5. Zebrafish As a Model for Understanding Enteric Nervous System Interactions in the Developing Intestinal Tract Julia Ganz, Ellie Melancon and Judith S. Eisen 6. Methods to Study the Development, Anatomy and Function of the Zebrafish Inner Ear Across the Lifecourse Sarah Baxendale and Tanya T. Whitfield 7. Imaging Collective Cell Migration and Hair Cell Regeneration in the Sensory Lateral Line Marina Venero Galanternik, Joaquín Navajas Acedo, Andres Romero-Carvajal and Tatjana Piotrowski 8. Analysis of the Retina in the Zebrafish Model Jarema Malicki, Niedharsan Pooranachandran, Anton Nikolaev, Xiaoming Fang and Andrei Avanesov 9. Strategies for Analyzing Cardiac Phenotypes in the Zebrafish Embryo Andrew R. Houk and Deborah Yelon 10. Chemical Approaches to Angiogenesis in Development and Regeneration Haishan Zhao, Haigen Huang and Shuo Lin 11. Quantitative Methods for Studying Hemostasis in Zebrafish Larvae Megan S. Rost, Steven J. Grzegorski and Jordan A. Shavit 12. Zebrafish Kidney Development Iain A. Drummond and Alan J. Davidson 13. Zebrafish Pancreas As a Model for Development and Disease Robin A. Kimmel and Dirk Meyer 14. Endoderm Specification and Liver Development Wolfram Goessling and Didier Y. Stainier 15. Emerging Tools to Study Proteoglycan Function During Skeletal Development Devin S. Brown and B. Frank Eames 16. Generation and Analysis of Zebrafish Melanoma Models Sonia Wojciechowska, Ellen van Rooijen, Craig Ceol, E. Elizabeth Patton and Richard White 17. Learning and Memory in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Robert Gerlai 18. Working with Zebrafish at Postembryonic Stages Sarah K. McMenamin, Madeleine N. Chandless and David M. Parichy