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740 p. · 23x15.5 cm · Hardback
Catch up on new fabrication and assembly methods that are being used to manufacture today's most advanced products and components. This book brings together information from over 150 cutting-edge companies to describe machining processes that are revolutionizing industry. You'll find details on the latest sheetmetal and press machine shop methods...state-of-the-art fastening and joining techniques ...recent breakthroughs in injection molding...proven surface treatment electrochemical processesÑplus an extensive list of companies and contacts.
Part 1: Design and Adminstrative. Chapter 1: A Brief History of Metal Cutting. Chapter 2: Computer-Integrated Manufacturing.
Part 2: Sheetmetal and Press Processes. Chapter 3: Fineblanking. Chapter 4: cold Forging: Coining. Chapter 5: Orbital Cold Forging. Chapter 6: Hydroforming. Chapter 7: Roll Forming.
Part 3: Machine-Shop environment Processes. Chapter 8: Trepanning. Chapter 9: Metal Spinning. Chapter 10: Shearforming. Chapter 11: Electrical-Discharge Machining. Chapter 12: Abrasive-Waterjet Cutting (AWC) Chapter 13: Lapping, Polishing, and Honing. Chapter 14: Industrial Saws. Chapter 15: Industrial Parts Cleaning. Chapter 16: Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Chapter 17: Lathe Turning. Chapter 18: Drilling. Chapter 19: Milling Machines. Chapter 20: Machining Centers.
Part 4: Fastening and Joining Processes. Chapter 21: Industrial Adhesives. Chapter 22: Magneforming. Chapter 23: Ultrasonic Technology for Production. Chapter 24: Introduction to Aluminum Brazing. Chapter 25: Welding. Chapter 26: Induction Heating. Chapter 27: Lasers.
Part 5: Injection-Molding Processes. Chapter 28: Powder-Injection Molding. Chapter 29: Injected-Metal Assembly.
Part 6: Surface-Treatment Processes. Chapter 30: Titanium-Nitrade (TiN) Coating. Chapter 31: Hardcoating. Chapter 32: Electrolizing. Chapter 33: Poly-Ond. Chapter 34: Magnaplate. Chapter 35: Powder Coating. Chapter 36: Spray Coating. Chapter 37: Industrial Finishing Systems.
Part 7: Electrochemistry Processes. Chapter 38: Electrochemical Machining. Chapter 39: Electrochemical Grinding. Chapter 40: Electropolishing. Chapter 41: Electroforming.
Part 8: Machine Deburring Processes. Chapter 42: Electrochemical Deburring. Chapter 43: Thermal Energy Deburring. Chapter 44: Abrasive Flow Machining and Abrasive Flow Deburring.
Part 9: Materials. Chapter 45: Ceramics. Chapter 46: Advanced Composites. Index.
The results of the author's survey of over 150 companies on the cutting-edge of machining technology is this timely handbook describing machining process that are revolutionizing industry. For the first time in one concise reference, engineers and technicians can learn about advanced methods such as trepanning, shearforming, industrial parts cleaning, hot isostatic pressing, magneforming, titanium nitride coating, electrochemical grinding and deburring...