Corrosion of Steel in Concrete (2nd Ed., 2nd Edition)
Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair


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This second edition retains the proven concept of its predecessor, while all sections have been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect recent developments, as well as expanded with around fifteen percent of the content completely new. The book examines the different aspects of steel corrosion in concrete, starting with basic and essential mechanisms of the phenomenon, before moving on to practical consequences for designers, contractors and owners for both new and existing reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures. It covers general aspects of corrosion and protection of reinforcement, forms of attack in the presence of carbonation, problems of hydrogen embrittlement as well as techniques of diagnosis, monitoring and repair, with special attention given to life cycle costing. The additional content in this new edition includes limestone cements, reliability centered maintenance methods, performance-based design of concrete, modern aspects of cathodic protection, and recent European standards. The result is a self-contained treatment for civil and construction engineers, material scientists, advanced students and architects concerned with the development and maintenance of reinforced concrete structures. Readers benefit from the knowledge, tools, and methods needed to understand corrosion in reinforced concrete and how to prevent it or keep it within acceptable limits.

1. Cements and Cement Paste.

2. Transport Processes in Concrete.

3. Degradation of Concrete.

4. General Aspects.

5. Carbonation-Induced Corrosion.

6. Chloride-Induced Corrosion.

7. Electrochemical Aspects.

8. Macrocells.

9. Stray-Current-Induced Corrosion.

10. Hydrogen-Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking.

11. Design for Durability.

12. Concrete Technology for Corrosion Prevention.

13. Corrosion Inhibitors.

14. Surface Protection Systems.

15. Corrosion-Resistant Reinforcement.

16. Inspection and Condition Assessment.

17. Monitoring.

18. Principles and Methods for Repair.

19. Conventional Repair.

20. Electrochemical Techniques.