An Introduction to Systems Biology (2nd Ed.)
Design Principles of Biological Circuits, Second Edition

Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology Series


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An Introduction to Systems Biology
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An Introduction to Systems Biology
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Written for students and researchers in systems biology, the second edition of this best-selling textbook continues to offer a clear presentation of design principles that govern the structure and behavior of biological networks, highlighting simple, recurring circuit elements that make up the regulation of cells and tissues. Rigorously classroom-tested, it contains new additions as well as corrections and revisions for better flow. This edition includes six new chapters on exciting advances made in the last decade, and double the number of exercises.

Part One: Network Motifs

Chapter 1. Transcription Networks basic concepts

Chapter  2. Autoregulation

Chapter  3. The Feed Forward Loop

Chapter 4. Temporal Programs and the Global Structure of Transcription Networks

Chapter 5. Positive Feedback, Bistability and Memory

Chapter 6. How to Build a Biological Oscillator

Part Two: Robustness

Chapter 7. Kinetic Proofreading and Conformational Proofreading

Chapter 8. Robust Signalling

Chapter 9. Chemotaxis

Chapter 10. Fold-change Detection

Chapter 11. Dynamical Compensation and Mutal Resistance in Tissues

Chapter 12. Robust Spatial Patterning in Development.

Part Three: Optimality

Chapter 13. Optimal Gene Circuit Design

Chapter14. Multi-objective Optimality in Biology

Chapter 15. Modularity

Students, researchers, mathematicians, and statisticians in systems biology; biophysicists, biomedical engineers, and biologists.

Uri Alon is the Abisch-Frenkel professor of systems biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science