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For undergraduate-level courses in Introduction to Engineering Experimentation found in departments of Mechanical, Aeronautical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering. An up-to-date, practical introduction to engineering experimentation. This new edition introduces many topics that engineers need to master in order to plan, design, and document a successful experiment or measurement system. The text offers a practical approach with current examples and thorough discussions of key topics, including those often ignored or merely touched upon by other texts, such as modern computerized data acquisition systems, electrical output measuring devices, and in-depth coverage of experimental uncertainty analysis.
CHAPTER 1. Introduction. CHAPTER 2. General Characteristics of Measurement Systems. CHAPTER 3. Measurement Systems with Electrical Signals. CHAPTER 4. Computerized Data-Acquisition Systems. CHAPTER 5. Discrete Sampling and Analysis of Time-Varying Signals. CHAPTER 6. Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data. CHAPTER 7. Experimental Uncertainty Analysis. CHAPTER 8. Measurement of Solid-Mechanical Quantities. CHAPTER 9. Measuring Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity. CHAPTER 10. Measuring Fluid Flow Rate, Fluid Velocity, Fluid Level, and Combustion Pollutants. CHAPTER 11. Dynamic Behavior of Measurement Systems. CHAPTER 12. Guidelines for Planning and Documenting Experiments. Answers to Selected Problems. Glossary. Index.