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Design for Manufacturability (DEM) encompasses the design techniques for producing high quality products and components at the lowest possible cost. With the insights from this updated edition, engineers can design for function, durability, and appearance, while ensuring the most efficient, effective means of manufacturing. Complete coverage of every stages addresses : economical use of raw materials, formed metal and machined components, castings, nonmetallic parts, to final assembly and finishing. This handbook includes new chapters on DFM for electronics, low run production, computerization, concurrent engineering and excellence.
Introduction. Section 1: Purpose, Contents, and Use of This Handbook. Economics of Process Selection. General Design Principles for Manufacturability. Quick References. The History of DFM. Managing DFM. Evaluating Design Proposals. Section 2: Economical Use of Raw Materials. Introduction. Ferrous Metals. Nonferrous Metals. Nonmetallic Materials. Section 3: Formed Metal Components. Metal Extrusions. Metl Stampings. Fineblanked Parts. Four-Slide Parts. Springs and Wire Forms. Spun-Metal Parts. Cold-Headed Parts. Impact- or Cold Extruded Parts. Rotary-Swaged Parts. Tube and Section Bends. Roll-Formed Sections. Power Metallurgy Parts. Forging. Electroformed Parts. Parts Produced by Specialized Forming Methods. Metal Injection-Molded Parts. Section 4: Machined Components. Section 4: Machined Components. Designing for Machining: General Guidelines. Parts Cut to Length. Screw Machine Products. Other Turned Parts. Machined Round Holes. Parts Produced on Milling Machines. Parts Produced by Planing, Shaping, and Slotting. Screw Threads. Broached Parts. Contour-Sawed Parts. Flame-Cut Parts. Internally Ground Parts. Parts Cylindrically Ground on Center-Type Machines. Centerless-Ground Parts. Flat-Ground Surfaces. Honed, Lapped, and Superfinished Parts. Roller-Burnished Parts. Parts Produced by electrical-Discharge Machining. Electrochemically Machined Parts. Chemically Machined Parts. Parts Produced by Other Advanced Machining Processes. Gears. Designing Parts for Economical Deburring. Section 5: Castings. Castings Made in Sand Molds. Other Castings. Investment Castings. Die Castings. Section 6: Nonmetallic Parts. Thermosetting-Plastic Parts. Injection-Molded Thermoplastic Parts. Stuctural-Foam-Molded Parts. Rotationally Molded Plastic Parts. Blow-Molded Plastic Parts. Reinforced-Plastic/Composite (RP/C) Parts. Plastic Profile Extrusions. Thermoformed-Plastic Parts. Welded Plastic Assemblies. Rubber Parts. Ceramic and Glass Parts. Plastic-
Part Decorations. Section 7: Assemblies. Design for Assembly (DFA) Arc Weldments and Other Weldments. Resistance Weldments. Soldered and Brazed Assemblies. Adhesively Bonded Assemblies. Section 8: Finishes. Designing for Clearning. Polished and Plated Surfaces. Other Metallic Coatings. Desinging for Heat Transfer. Organic Finishes. Designing for Marking. shot-Peened Surfaces. Section 9: Additional Developments. DFM for Low-quantity Production. DFM in electronics. DFX. Glossary of Terms. Index.
Design engineers, mechanical engineers, manufacturing and industrial engineers.