Manufacturing and Enterprise
An Integrated Systems Approach

Systems Innovation Book Series


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Subject for Manufacturing and Enterprise

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This book presents an integrated systems approach to manufacturing and business enterprise. Traditionally, these topics are treated as separate and independent subjects, but the practical fact is that the manufacturing and the business enterprises are intertwined. Currently, there is no book on the market that addresses both subjects from an integrated systems engineering approach with a manufacturing engineering foundation. Topics covered include engineering process, systems modeling, business enterprise, forecasting, inventory management, product design, and project management.


  • Provides in-depth treatment of modern manufacturing processes, systems, and tools
  • Uses an integrated systems life-cycle approach to manufacturing and business
  • Includes business proposals
  • Discusses prototype manufacturing and/or business development processes
  • Presents concepts, steps, and procedures for achieving an integrated enterprise of manufacturing and business

Modern and Traditional Manufacturing Processes. Manufacturing Enterprise and Technology Transfer. Manufacturing Cost Analysis. Learning Curves in Manufacturing Operations. Computational Tools for Manufacturing. Introduction to Project Management. Business Plan Development. Business Modeling and Forecasting. Integration of Manufacturing and Business Models. Design of Experiment Techniques. Fractional Factorial Experiments. Optimal Experimental Designs.