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We found 3 books matching Pipe work, pipe lines

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  1. Author : JOSHI K.D.
    Language: English
    06-2015812 p.
    Concrete pipe is in use for over 100 years and has not been replaced, by any other material, especially for drainage pipes. The book touches all aspects of concrete pipes, right from inception...
    In Print (Delivery period: 13 days).
    Hardback Approximative price 63.13 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  2. Author : BHARDWAJ Anil
    Language: English
    06-2015374 p.
    INTERNAL CORROSION OF PIPELINES dwells upon various factors responsible for internal corrosion of pipelines, which include corroding gases like O2, CO2, H2S; different types of bacteria...
    In Print (Delivery period: 13 days).
    Hardback Approximative price 83.89 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  3. Couverture de l'ouvrage Inspection en ligne des pipelines
    Author : SAINSON Stéphane
    Language: French
    05-2007332 p.15.5x24 cm
    La multiplication des accidents plus ou moins graves, notamment dus à la corrosion, ainsi que leur incidence sur l'économie mondiale et leur impact sur l'environnement rendent le transport des...
    In stock: 24 hours delivery!
    Hardback 155.00 € Add to cartAdd to cart