Standard handbook of fastening and joining (3rd ed' 96)


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1032 p. · 23x15.5 cm · Hardback
Threaded fasteners. Standard pins. Retaining pins. Pipe fastening. Expansion joints. Welding. Concrete fastening. Lumber, timber and log connections. Structural steel connections. Locking components. Electrical connections. Adhesive bonding. Industrial riveting. Aerospace fastening. Wire rope and cable fastening. Injected metal assembly. Sheet metal assembly. Retaining compound. Rope splicing and typing. Shafts and coupling. Seals and packing. Self clinching fasteners. Robotic assembly. Innovative connections. Metrics and conversion data.
Threaded Fasteners. Standard Pins. Retaining Rings. Pipe Fastening. Expansion Joints. Welding. Concrete Fastening. Lumber, Timber and Log Connections. Structural Steel Connections. Locking Components. Electrical Connections. Adhesive Bonding. Industrial Riveting. Aerospace Fastening. Wire Rope and Cable Fastening. Injected Metal Assembly. Sheet Metal Assembly. Retaining Compounds. Rope Splicing and Typing. Shafts and Coupling. Seals and Packing. Self-Clinching Fasteners. Robotic Assembly. Innovative Connections. Metrics and General Data.
Mechanical and design engineers will welcome this new edition of this comprehensive handbook covering virtually all fastening and joining methods, a basic technology common to all engineering disciplines. The third edition substantially updates seven sections and also features five entirely new sections. It presents all current standards in tabular form for quick and easy reference. It includes a unique problem solving system that greatly simplifies the task of locating essential information.