Acute Elbow Trauma, 1st ed. 2019
Fractures and Dislocation Injuries

Strategies in Fracture Treatments Series

Coordinators: Biberthaler Peter, Siebenlist Sebastian, Waddell James P.

Language: Anglais

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147 p. · 17.8x25.4 cm · Hardback

This volume focuses on acute trauma to the adult elbow including fractures, dislocations, tendon ruptures, and vascular and nerve injuries. Each chapter addresses anatomical key features, surgical and conservative therapeutic procedures, postoperative regimes and complication strategies. International elbow experts give the readers information about surgical approaches, the usage of modern implants, advances in surgical techniques, and pearls and pitfalls for each trauma entity. Moreover, total elbow arthroplasty and radial head replacement are described in detail, current clinical outcomes are confronted, and the authors recommend  their preferred therapeutic approach and salvage measures if required. This book is a specific manual that enables the orthopedic surgeon to deal with the total spectrum of acute simple and complex elbow injuries in adults. 

Part I. Simple elbow dislocations.- Part II. posteromedial rotatory instability.- Part III. Distal humerus fractures.- Part IV. Proximal ulna fractures.- Part V. Radial head fractures.- Part VI. Monteggia fractures.- part VII. Terrible triad injuries.- Part VIII. Distal biceps tendon rupture.- Part IX. Distal triceps tendon rupture.- Part X. Vascular injury.- Part XI. Nerve injury.

Expands knowledge on severe trauma

Presents surgical and conservative therapeutic procedures

Illustrates perspectives on modern implants and complication strategies