Anesthesia for Trauma, 2014
New Evidence and New Challenges

Coordinator: Scher Corey S.

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Anesthesia for Trauma
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Anesthesia for Trauma. New Evidence and New Challenges
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464 p. · 17.8x25.4 cm · Hardback
Trauma is the leading cause of death among people under the age of 40 and it ranks third for all age groups. Still, relatively few clinicians specialize in trauma and training is often obtained through experience. The number of trauma patients is expected to continue to grow as pre-hospital care continues to advance. As well, hospitals increasingly see trauma treatment, which requires no pre-approval, as a good source of revenue. Given these developments, the number of opportunities for specialists trained in trauma, including anesthesiologists and critical care physicians, will expand in the years ahead. This book addresses the need for an up-to-date, comprehensive and clinically focused volume for practitioners and trainees in trauma anesthesia and critical care. It is organized by organ system. The editor is an attending physician at a major urban hospital center recognized worldwide for its outstanding emergency medical services including trauma care and is recruiting leading trauma anesthesiologists to contribute. Anesthesiologists, pain medicine physicians, critical care physicians and trainees are the target audience.
​Section I: General Anesthetic Management.- 1: Trauma Overview and the Initial Assessment of the Patient.- 2: Management of Preexisting Compromising Conditions.- 3: Airway Management in the Trauma Patient.- 4: Physiological Derangement of the Trauma Patient.- 5: Blood Transfusion and Coagulation Disorders.- 6: General Principles of Intraoperative Management.- 7: Acute and Chronic Pain the Trauma Patient.- Section II: Management of Specific Injuries.- 8: Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries.- 9: Cervical Spine Injuries.- 10: Facial and Ocular Injuries.- 11: Thoracic and Abdominal Injuries.- 12: Musculoskeletal injuries and microvascular surgery.- 13: Management of Burns.- Section III: Injuries in Specific Populations.- 14: Pediatric Trauma.- 15: Trauma in the Pregnant Patient.- 16: Geriatric Trauma.- Section IV: Critical Care.- 17: Critical Care of the Trauma Patient.- Section V: Trauma Systems and Disaster Management.- 18: Civilian Trauma Systems.- 19: Contemporary Military Trauma (Including Systems).- 20: Disaster Management​ .

Corey S. Scher, MD

New York University School of Medicine

Bellevue Hospital Center

New York, New York


Mid-size, clinically focused text for expanding practice area

Written by leading trauma anesthesiologists

Organized by organ system


Aimed at anesthesiologists, pain physicians, critical care physicians and trainees