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2008 p. · 27x21 cm · Hardback
The year 2000 sees an exciting new development in the world-famous Oxford Textbooks series - the publication of our new, eagerly-awaited one-volume textbook of medicine based on the Oxford Textbook of Medicine. The Concise Oxford Textbook of Medicine retains all the authority of its parent text, whilst providing moreconcise and accessible information on how to manage every condition that a physician is likely to have to diagnose and treat.
Cardiology. Haematology. Respiratory disease. Gastroenterology. Metabolic disease. Endocrine disease. Nutrition. Skeleton. The skin. Nephrology. Neurology. Psychiatry. Pain. Palliative care. Infectious disease. Sexually transmitted diseases. Geratology. Forensic medicine. Rare conditions. Index