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Practice management is one of the key elements in the career of a dentist. Dentists are predominantly self-employed and even associateships carry with them the prospect of management, accounting and dealing with health insurance providers. Dental Practice Transition: A Practical Guide to Management helps readers navigate through options such as starting a practice, associateships, and buying an existing practice with helpful information on business systems, marketing, staffing, and money managment. With topics applicable to both recently graduated as well as established professionals, Dental Practice Transition is a full exposition of practice management from a dentist's perspective.
Table of Contents .


Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview, David Dunning and Brian Lange.

Chapter 2: Business Plans in Dentistry, Stuart M. Spero, Nader A. Nadershahi and Lisa Itaya.

Chapter 3: Dentistry by the Numbers, David O. Willis.



Chapter 4: Understanding Practice Valuation, C. Steven Wolff.

Chapter 5: Dental Equipment, Mike Wacker and Dan Wacker.

Chapter 6: Buying / Buying Into a Practice, Nader A. Nadershahi and Stuart M. Spero.

Chapter 7: Starting a Practice, David Dunning, Steve Jacobs, Brad Alderman and Jesse Neal.

Chapter 8: Financing a Practice, Judy Jennings.

Chapter 9: Business Entities, Artthur S. Wiederman & Ross L. Crist.


Business Systems.

Chapter 10: Dental Fees-What Do You Charge and Why?, Mert Aksu.

Chapter 11: Fees, Fee Setting and Financial Policy: A Practitioner's Perspective,Robert D. Madden.

Chapter 12: Appointment Scheduling Strategies, Dunn H. Cumby and Rosita Brown Long.

Chapter 13: Compliance with Government Regulations, Ronda Anderson.

Chapter 14: Incorporating Technology, Scott A. Trapp and Gregory G. Zeller.



Chapter 15: Internal Marketing and Customer Service, Amy Kirsch and Karla Gunner-Barringer.

Chapter 16: External Marketing, Terry L. Wostrel.



Chapter 17: Employment Law, Pamela Zarkowski and Mert Aksu.

Chapter 18 Managing Staff, Karla Gunner-Barringer and Amy Kirsch.

Chapter 19: Staff Meetings, David Neumeister.



Chapter 20: About Associateships, Richard S. Callan.


Money Management.

Chapter 21: Protecting Yourself with Personal and Business Insurance, Christine J. Insinger.

Chapter 22: Personal Finance, Investments and Retirement Options, William "Dana" Webb and Brian Lange

Recently qualified dentists, dental students, and practicing dentists.