Dermoscopy in Darker Skin


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Dermoscopy is a non-invasive, widely used diagnostic tool that aids the diagnosis of skin lesions and is proven to increase the accuracy of melanoma diagnosis.

This book is a practical, self-assessment guide to the diagnosis of skin disorders by dermoscopy.

Beginning with an introduction to the technique, the following sections describe its use for different skin conditions, including pigmentation disorders, infectious diseases, skin tumours, and more. The final sections cover onychoscopy (nails) and trichoscopy (hair and scalp).

Each case is highly illustrated with clinical photographs and diagrams, and includes a summary of the key features of the topic and dermoscopic clinical pearls.
Section 1: Basics of Dermoscopy
. Chapter 1: Introduction to Dermoscopy
. Chapter 2: Types of Dermoscope
. Chapter 3: Basic Patterns on Dermoscopy

Section 2: Disorders of Pigmentation
. Chapter 4: Melasma
. Chapter 5: Nonmelasma Facial Melanoses
. Chapter 6: Other Disorders of Hyperpigmentation
. Chapter 7: Vitiligo and Other Disorders of Hypopigmentation
. Chapter 8: Differentiation of Nevus Depigmentosus, Ash Leaf Macules and Nevus Anemicus

Section 3: Papulosquamous Disorders
. Chapter 9: Papulosquamous Disorders

Section 4: Infectious Disorders
. Chapter 10: Infectious Disorders

Section 5: Autoimmune and Granulomatous Disorders
. Chapter 11: Autoimmune Diseases
. Chapter 12: Dermoscopy of Granulomatous Disorder

Section 6: Skin Tumors
. Chapter 13: Benign and Premalignant Tumors of Skin
. Chapter 14: Dermoscopy of Malignant Cutaneous Tumors

Section 7: Onychoscopy
. Chapter 15: Onychoscopy

Section 8: Trichoscopy
. Chapter 16: Trichoscopy

Section 9: Miscellaneous
. Chapter 17: Disorder of Vessels
. Chapter 18: Dermoscopy in Nevoi

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