Diagnostic Radiology: Chest and Cardiovascular Imaging (4th Ed.)


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This new edition is a complete guide to diagnostic imaging of the chest and cardiovascular system.

Beginning with an overview of chest radiology, techniques and anatomy, the following sections discuss imaging for different pulmonary diseases. The second part of the book covers diagnostic imaging for cardiovascular disorders and includes a chapter on children with congenital heart disease.

The fourth edition has been fully revised to provide radiologists with the latest information in their field, and includes new chapters on basic patterns of lung disease on CT, and miscellaneous interstitial lung diseases such as acute respiratory distress syndrome, lipoid pneumonia, and emphysema.

The comprehensive text features discussion on the increasing use of image-guided interventions, and is further enhanced by radiological images and tables.
- 1. Chest Radiography and Sonography: Techniques and Anatomy
- 2. MDCT and MRI Thorax: Techniques and Normal Anatomy
- 3. Basic Radiographic Pattern of Lung Diseases
- 4. Basic Patterns of Lung Disease on CT
- 5. Imaging of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
- 6. Non-tubercular Pulmonary Infections
- 7. Pulmonary Manifestations in Immunocompromised Host
- 8. Imaging of Interstitial Lung Disease of Known Etiology
- 9. Miscellaneous Interstitial Lung Disease
- 10. Mediastinum
- 11. Imaging of Solitary Pulmonary Nodule
- 12. Imaging of Pulmonary Neoplasms
- 13. Imaging of the Tracheobronchial Tree
- 14. Intensive Care Chest Radiology
- 15. Imaging in Thoracic Trauma
- 16. Imaging of Pleura
- 17. Imaging of the Diaphragm and Chest Wall
- 18. Bronchial Artery Embolization
- 19. Chest X-ray Evaluation in Cardiac Disease
- 20. Imaging Approach in Children with Congenital Heart Disease
- 21. Imaging in Ischemic Heart Disease
- 22. Imaging in Cardiomyopathies
- 23. Imaging Evaluation of Cardiac Masses
- 24. Imaging Diagnosis of Valvular Heart Disease
- 25. Imaging of the Pericardium
- 26. Peripheral Vascular Diseases: Imaging and Interventions
Anju Garg MD
Director Professor and Head, Department of Radiodiagnosis, Maulana Azad Medical Collage, New Delhi, India

Arun Kumar Gupta MD FAMS
Professor and Head, Department of Radiodiagnosis, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

Niranjan Khandelwal MD Dip NBE FICR
Professor and Head, Department of Radiodiagnosis, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India