Digital Medicine, 1st ed. 2019
Health Informatics Series

Coordinator: André Arthur

Language: Anglais

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110 p. · 15.5x23.5 cm · Hardback

This book provides an up to date user friendly resource on the emerging field of digital medicine and its present and potential future role in modern healthcare. Chapters are written by a specialist on each area in an easy to read format, which broadly covers the potential of digital medicine in epidemiology, precision medicine and surgery.  Chapters focus on aspects of telemedicine, the applications of big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, regenerative medicine, legal aspects and business models.  Furthermore, guidance is given on medical ethics and how to manage doctor patient relationships in the modern age. 

Digital Medicine comprehensively reviews the emerging field of digital medicine in modern healthcare and is therefore a critical resource for physicians and medical trainees who are looking for comprehensive resource on digital medicine and its potential role in modern healthcare.

1.              Connected Health, Digital Healthcare and Digital Medicine

A.              Connected  and mobile health

B.              Digital Healthcare

C.              Digital Medicine


2.              Telemedicine

2.1.         Digitalized medical informations

2.2.         Telediagnosis

2.3.         Teleconsultation


3.              The connected patient

3.1.         Remote monitoring

3.2.         Remote disease management

3.3.         Wearables sensors


4.            Big Data and Healthcare

4.1.         The patient as a repository of information

4.2.         A new era for epidemiology

4.3.         Big data and smart data

4.4.         Blockchain and health


5.              Artificial Intelligence and healthcare

5.1.         New algorithms for diagnosis

5.2.         Algortithm for treatmet

5.3.         Medical AI asistance and machine learning


6.              Robotics in medicine

6.1.         Surgical assistance and operating robots

6.2.         New prostheses

6.3.         Human-machine interfaces


7.              3D Printing and healthcare

7.1.         New  external devices for care

7.2.         3D printing and surgery tools

7.3.         Organ tissue


8.              Biotechnologies for diagnosis and treatment

8.1.         Molecular biology

8.2.         Genomics

8.3.         Nanotechnologies

9.              Medical education in the digital age

9.1.         Serious games for patients evaluation and recovery

9.2.         E-learning

9.3.         Simulation

10.           Doctor-patient relationship in the digital age

11.           Business model in digital medicine

11.1.      Medico-economic considerations

11.2.      Reducing health costs

11.3.      How to build a start-up

12.           Security, privacy and Ethics

12.1.      Personal data

12.2.      Data hosting

12.3.      Reliability

12.4.      Ethical issues


13.           Future and new challenges in medicine

13.1.      Personalized care

13.2.      Preventive medicine

13.3.      Human enhancement

Arthur Andre, MD  is neurosurgeon in Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital, studied in Sorbonne University Paris and University College London, and specialized in innovative techniques. He is CEO and Co-founder of the start-up CitizenDoc, which develop Artificial Intelligence tools for medical applications.

New complete and exhaustive book revealing the modern concepts of e-health

Contains information on this emerging domain and strategies

Provides educational context for educators, medical students and practicing physicians

Features a comprehensive overview of the latest concepts in e-health

Contains information on the use of big data and applications of biotechnology