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This textbook is a comprehensive reference providing clinicians with the latest advances in the management of diabetes in pregnancy and the role of ultrasound.

Beginning with an overview of the diagnosis and basic treatment of diabetes in pregnancy, the next chapter discusses foetal behaviour in normal pregnancy and in diabetic pregnancy.

The following sections cover the role of ultrasound in diabetic pregnancy and for diabetes-related congenital anomalies. The final chapter covers diabetes and obesity in pregnancy.

Authored by recognised experts in the field, the book is further enhanced by ultrasound images and other illustrations.

1.Diabetes In Pregnancy: Diagnosis And Treatment
2. General Aspects of Diabetes in Pregnancy
3. Overview of The Role of Ultrasound in The Management of Diabetes In Pregnancy
4. Fetal Behavior in Normal Pregnancy and Diabetic Pregnancy
5. Overview of the Role of Ultrasound In Management of Diabetic Pregnancy
6. Obstetric Ultrasound for Diabetes-Related Congenital Anomalies
7. Offspring of Diabetic Mother
8. Artificial Maturation of Fetus in All Kinds of Diabetes
9. Diabetes and Obesity in Pregnancy

Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Badreldeen Ahmed
Feto Maternal Centre, Doha, Qatar

Asim Kurjak
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical School, University of Zagreb, Croatia