Principles and Applications of Engineering in Medicine

Coordinators: Chan Lawrence S., Tang William C.

Language: Anglais

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This textbook discusses the principles of engineering as applied to medicine and guides students and physicians to solve medical problems by engineering principle and methodology. It contains a variety of teaching techniques including class lectures, small group discussions, individual and group projects with the goal of not just helping students and professionals to understand the principles and methods discussed, but also to develop real-life solutions. This book offers general guidance and specific examples of applying these principles to implement solution-oriented methodology in healthcare encounters and to help improve the overall quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery outcomes.



Engineering-Medicine: An Introduction

Lawrence S. Chan

General Ethics in Engineering-Medicine

Lawrence S. Chan

Ethics in the Era of Precision Medicine

Michael J. Sleasman

Engineering Principles Overview

William C. Tang

Engineering-Medicine Principles Overview

Lawrence S. Chan

Economy of Engineering-Medicine Education: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Lawrence S. Chan

Invention and Innovation

Lawrence S. Chan and Sonali S. Srivastava

Design Optimization

William C. Tang


Lawrence S. Chan

Systems Integration

Lawrence S. Chan


Lawrence S. Chan


Lawrence S. Chan

Big Data Analytics

Lawrence S. Chan

Artificial Intelligence

Buyun Zhang and James P. Brody

Quality Management

Lawrence S. Chan

Cellular and Molecular Basis of Human Biology

Lawrence S. Chan

Systems Biology: An Introduction

Lawrence S. Chan and William C. Tang

Advanced Biotechnology

William C. Tang

Biomedical Imaging: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Xiaohong Joe Zhou

Biomedical Imaging: Molecular Imaging

Christian J. Konopka, Emily L. Konopka and Lawrence W. Dobrucki

Emerging Biomedical Imaging: Optical Coherence Tomography

Lawrence S. Chan

Emerging Biomedical Imaging: Photoacoustic Imaging

Lawrence S. Chan

Emerging Biomedical Analysis: Mass Spectrometry

Rui Zhu and Lawrence S. Chan

Robotic Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Rehabilitation Medicine

Kun Yan

Role of Academic Health Center Programs and Leadership in Enhancing the Impact of Engineering-Medicine

Jay Noren

Environmental Protection

Lawrence S. Chan