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The book aims to fill the considerable hunger for a comprehensive book reviewing the diagnosis, management and treatment of sports injuries to the foot and ankle. The editors have assembled a list of contributors at the top of their field to define the medical management, treatment and surgery for the most common and highly debilitating sports injuries. Orthopaedic surgeons, sports orthopaedic surgeons and medical professionals dealing with sports injuries around the F&A will find this book to be an essential resource for furthering their practice in this increasingly common area of orthopaedic treatment.
​General Aspects: Anatomy. Biomechanics. Examination. Imaging and Diagnostics. Sports equipment and orthotics (shoes, socks, insoles, bracing, taping). Management of injures athletes at the field. Epidemiology & Overview of Foot & Ankle Problems in Sports (acute and overload lesions). Sports in Children and Young Age. Sports in Geriatrics. Sports in Disabled and handicapped People. Sports with Osteoarthritis, Joint Arthroplasty and Fusions. Orthobiologics in Foot & Ankle. Rehabilitation and Back to Sports and Competition. Clinics, Lesions, and Diseases: Acute Fractures (lower leg, ankle, hindfoot, midfoot, forefoot). Acute Ankle Osteochondral and chondral lesions. Stress fractures. Compartment syndromes (acute & chronic). Shin Splints. Achilles Tendon. Posterior tibial tendon lesions and insufficiency. Peroneal tendon. Anterior tibial tendon. Flexor hallucis longus tendon. Acute Ankle Instability / Ankle Sprains. Chronic Ankle Instability. Acute and chronic syndesmotic injuries. Acute and chronic Subtalar, Chopart and Lisfranc Instability. Plantar fasciitis. Ankle impingement anterior, posterior. Osteoarthritis and Sports. Coalitios and Sports. Hallux valgus and Sports. Sesamoid Lesions Metatarsophalangeal problems. Great and lesser toes problems. Tarsal tunnel syndrome. Nerve Entrapments (Sural, Joggers foot). Morton’s Neuroma. Soft Tissue Management in Foot & Ankle: acute skin problems, chronic problems, flaps. Sports: Aerobic and Fitness. American football. Athletics. Basketball. Climbing. Cycling. Dancing. Equestrian/Riding. Football/Soccer. Floor ball/Uni-hockey. Flying sports. Golf. Handball. Hiking. Ice hockey. Ice Skating. Inline and Roller Skating. Martial arts. Motorsports. Orienteering. Rugby. Running (walking, jogging, marathon, triathlon). Skiing (alpine, cross-country). Surfing (board, wind, kite). Swimming.Snowboarding. Tennis and racquet sports (Badminton, Squash). Volleyball. Water sports (water skiing, rowing, snorkelling, diving).​