Glaucoma, 1st ed. 2006. Corr. 2nd printing 2006
Essentials in Ophthalmology Series

Coordinators: Grehn Franz, Stamper Robert

Language: Anglais

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194 p. · 17x24.2 cm · Paperback

This second Glaucoma volume of the Essentials in Ophthalmology series, like the first, provides a comprehensive picture of recent progress in both basic clinical research and applied clinical science in the study of glaucoma. Rather than a replacement for traditional textbooks on glaucoma, this volume serves as a conceptual bridge between original research and textbook presentation. The book encompasses frequently unmentioned aspects of therapy, including adherence, persistence and health economics. Glaucoma II provides the reader with diverse and salient topics reflective of the contemporary, evidence-based approach to the study, treatment and management of glaucoma.

Basics and Diagnosis: Aqueous Outflow System , What's new. - Risk Calculation in Glaucoma. - Dynamic Contour. - Tonometry. - Corneal thickness. - Electrophysiology in Diagnosis of Glaucoma. - Compliance and Persistency. - Epidemiology and related fields: Glaucoma care in developing countries of Asia. - Health economics, cost-effectiveness and glaucoma care. -Therapy / Surgery:The Future of Glaucoma Medication. - Filtering bleb Imaging with Confocal Laser Technology (Rostock Cornea Module). - Update on Tube-Shunt Implants

Overview of the newest developments in the field of glaucoma with application for the daily practice

Indispensable for continuous education and advanced training

Internationally renowned volume and series editors, i.e. distinguished editorial board only

Invites papers from world-leading established experts

Well-structured text and new design, quick and easy to read (e.g. with core messages, summaries for the clinician)

Bridges the gap between primary literature and daily practice