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The new edition of this well-known text brings undergraduates fully up to date with the latest information on human embryology.

Beginning with an overview of genetics, the female reproductive system, fertilisation, and early development of the embryo, the following sections each examine the development of a different embryonic system.

The genetic and molecular aspects of each system are presented in tabular format and clinical correlations are highlighted in separate boxes to enhance learning.

The eleventh edition features new chapters on genetics and molecular biology, the skeletal and muscular system, clinical applications, and embryology ready reckoner.

The text is highly illustrated with clinical photographs and tables and each chapter includes case scenarios and review questions for self-assessment.

- 1. Introduction and Some Preliminary Considerations

- 2. Genetics and Molecular Biology in Embryology

- 3. Reproductive System, Gametogenesis, Ovarian and Menstrual Cycles

- 4. Fertilization and Formation of Germ Layers

- 5. Further Development of Embryonic Disc

- 6. Placenta, Fetal Membranes and Twinning

- 7. Formation of Tissues of the Body

- 8. Integumentary System (Skin and Its Appendages, Mammary Gland)

- 9. Pharyngeal Arches

- 10. Skeletal System and Muscular System

- 11. Face, Nose and Palate

- 12. Alimentary System—I: Mouth, Pharynx and Related Structures

- 13. Alimentary System—II: Gastrointestinal Tract

- 14. Liver and Biliary Apparatus; Pancreas and Spleen; Respiratory System; Body Cavities; and


- 15. Cardiovascular System

- 16. Urogenital System

- 17. Nervous System

- 18. Endocrine Glands

- 19. Development of Eye

- 20. Development of the Ear

- 21. Clinical Applications of Embryology

- 22. Embryology Ready Reckoner

- Index

Undergraduate Medical Students

V Subhadra Devi MS Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences (SVIMS), Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India