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Want to give pre nursing students a solid idea of what nursing is-as a profession-and what the major issues the profession faces today? Keys to Nursing Success is designed to promote a realistic understanding of nursing, explore the exceptional opportunities nursing careers offer, and help students prepare for the rigors of nursing school. This revision introduces a framework that has beenproven to improve student learning and achievement. Using the theory of Successful Intelligence, developed by psychologist Robert Sternberg, this book helps students prepare both academically and personally for applying to and succeeding in nursing school. Katz provides updated statistics on nursing salaries and demographics. No other book provides this information on nursing careers and helps students learn how to learn through study strategies.

1. Researching Your Nursing Education: Collecting the Basic Data

What Are Three Ways to Become an RN?

Who Are RNs Today, and What Challenges Do Students Face?

Get Creative: See Yourself at Your Best

What Is the Role of Diversity in Nursing?

How Does an Education in Nursing Promote Success?

Get Practical: Face Your Fears

Get Analytical: Learn from a Mistake

Why Do Nurses Need to Study a Variety of Arts and Sciences?

What Basics Should You Know As You Begin Nursing School?

How Can Successful Intelligence Help You Reach Your Goals?

2. Discovering Nursing: Exploring Your Options

What Opportunities Await Nursing Students?

Get Analytical: Explore Your Interests

What Important Skills Do You Already Have?

Get Creative: Map Out a Nursing Shortage Solution

What Skills Do You Need to Develop to Succeed in Nursing?

What Are Some of the Career Options in Nursing?

How Do Health Care Trends Affect Nursing?

What Can You Expect Once Your Are Enrolled in School?

Get Practical: Discover New Options

3. Values, Goals, Time, and Stress: Managing Yourself
Why Is It Important to Know What You Value?

Get Analytical: Explore Your Values

How Do You Set and Achieve Goals?

Get Creative: Map Out a Personal Goal

How Can You Manage Your Time Effectively?

Get Practical: Make a To-Do List

How Do You Cope with the Stress of College Life?

4. Learning Styles, Majors, and Careers: Knowing Your Talents and Finding Your Direction
How Can You Discover Your Learning Styles?

What are the Benefits of Knowing How You Learn?

Why Do You Need Science and Math to Be a Nurse?

How Can You Choose a Nursing Major?

Get Analytic, Creative, & Practical: Link Your Interests to Intriguing Majors Including Nursing

How Can Multiple Intelligences Help You Explore Majors and Careers?

How Can You Identify and Manage Learning Disabilities?

5. Critical, Creative, and Practical Thinking: Solving Problems and Making Decisions

What Is Successfully Intelligent Thinking?

How Can You Improve Your Analytical Thinking Skills?

Get Analytical: Assess Analytical Thinking Skills

How Can You Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills?

How Can You Improve Your Practical Thinking Skills?

Get Creative: Assess Creative Thinking Skills

Get Practical: Assess Practical Thinking Skills

How Are Analytical, Creative, and Practical Thinking Used Together in Nursing?

6. Reading and Studying: Focusing on Content

What Will Help You Understand What You Read?

How Can You Set the Stage For Reading?

Get Creative: Be the Author of Your Life

What Kinds of Reading Will You Do for Nursing and Science Courses?

How Can SQ3R Help You Own What You Read?

Get Analytical: Find the Main Idea

How Can You Respond Critically to What You Read?

Why and How Should You Study With Others?

Get Practical: Form a Study Group

7. Listening, Note Taking, and Memory: Taking In, Recording, and Remembering Information

How Can You Become a Better Listener?

Get Analytical: Discover Yourself as a Listener

How Can You Make the Most of Note Taking?

Get Practical: Face a Note-Taking Challenge

Which Note-Taking System Should You Use?

How Can You Write Faster When Taking Notes?

How Does Memory Work?

What Memory Strategies Ca