Law for Nurses and Midwives (8th Ed.)


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Law for Nurses and Midwives is the most highly respected health law text for nursing and midwifery students studying law as part of their degree. Now in its 8th edition, this fundamental text outlines legal issues and responsibilities specific to both nursing and midwifery practice and features the legislation relevant to the provision of safe, quality healthcare in Australia.  Authored by Patricia Staunton and Mary Chiarella, this fully revised edition includes updates to case law and the latest information on nursing and midwifery governance and the professional regulation of nurses and midwives.

Chapter 1 - An introduction to the law and Australia's legal system
Chapter 2 - The relationship between law and ethics
Chapter 3- Professional negligence 
Chapter 4 - Consent to treatment
Chapter 5 - The contract of employment
Chapter 6 - The administration of drugs
Chapter 7 - The documentation and confidentiality of and access to patient records
Chapter 8 - Professional regulation of nurses and midwives
Chapter 9 - Coronial jurisdiction
Chapter 10 - Human tissue transplantation
Chapter 11 - Mental health