Leading and Managing in Nursing (7th Ed.)


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Help students prepare for the NCLEX® and their transition to practice! Organized around the issues in today's constantly changing healthcare environment Leading and Managing in Nursing, 7th Edition, offers an innovative approach to leading and managing by merging theory, research, and practical application. This cutting-edge text includes coverage of patient safety, consumer relationships, cultural diversity, resource management delegation, and communication. In addition, it provides just the right amount of information to equip students with the tools they need to master leadership and management, which will better prepare them for clinical practice.

1.  Leading, Managing, and Following in Complex Health Systems 2.  Clinical Safety: The Core of Leading, Managing, and Following 3.  Legal and Ethical Issues- 4.  Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in Health Care 5.  Gaining Personal Insight: The Beginning of Being a Leader 6.  Being an Effective Follower NEW chapter! 7.  Self-Management 8.  Communication and Conflict 9.  Power, Politics, and Influence 10. Healthcare Organizations 11. Organizational Structures 12. Care Delivery Strategies 13. Staffing and Scheduling 14. Workforce Engagement through Collective Action and Governance 15. Making Decisions and Solving Problems 16. The Impact of Technology 17. Delegating: Authority, Accountability, Responsibility in Delegation Decisions 18. Leading Change 19. Building Effective Teams 20. Managing Costs and Budgets 21. Selecting, Developing, and Evaluating Staff 22. Person-Centered Care 23. Managing Quality and Risk 24. Translating Research into Practice 25. Managing Personal/Personnel Problems 26. Role Transition 27. Managing Your Career 28. Developing the Role of Leader 29. Developing the Role of Manager 30. The Strategic Planning Process 31. Thriving for the Future

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Patricia S. Yoder-Wise, RN, EdD, NEA-BC, ANEF, FAAN