Mineralized Collagen for Bone Repair
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Coordinators: Wang Xiu-Mei, Qiu Zhi-Ye, Cui Helen

Language: Anglais
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Mineralized Collagen for Bone Repair presents a comprehensive study of biomimetic mineralized collagen, synthesized in vitro, a next generation biomaterial for bone regeneration. By focusing both on fundamental research and the clinical use of this novel material, the book provides a complete examination, from bench to bedside. Chapters discuss natural bone and familiar biomaterials for bone repair, the preparation and safety of mineralized collagen, products made of mineralized collagen, and present clinical case studies. This book is an invaluable and unique resource for researchers, clinicians, students and industrialists in the area of orthopedics and dentistry.

  • Provides a deep analysis of synthetic collagen, from bench to bedside
  • Systematically examines the structure, principles, properties, biomimetic synthesis and characterization of mineralized collagen for bone repair
  • Includes case studies that look at a range of clinical bone repair applications of Mineralized collagen and their clinical results
1. Natural Bone Tissue and Biomimetics
1.1 Ingredients and hierarchical architecture of nature bone
2. Classification of common bone repair materials and the pros and cons
2. Preparation and Characterization of Biomimetic Mineralized Collagen
2.1 The biomineralization of artificial bone
2.2 Preparation of biomimetic mineralized collagen
2.3 Characterization of biomimetic mineralized collagen
2.4 Repair mechanisms and biomimetics of nature bone tissue
2.5 Bionic repair mechanisms of nature bone
3. The Biological Safety of Biomimetic Mineralized Collagen in vitro
3.1 Cell experiments
3.2 Biological compatibility
4. The Repair Effect of Biomimetic Mineralized Collagen through Animal Experiment
4.1 Rabbit model
4.2 Large animal model
5. Products of Mineralized Collagen
6. Clinical Case Study of Mineralized Collagen
6.1 Orthopaedics
6.2 Dental
6.3 Neurosurgery
researchers in the field of biomaterials, tissue engineering, and biomedical engineering; orthopaedic surgeons
Fu-Zhai Cui is Vice President of the Chinese Society for Biomaterials (2012-2016; Fellow of American Institute for Biomedical Engineering (AIMBE) since 2007; Member of Editorial Board for Tissue Engineering (Libert); Editor-in-Chief, Biomedical Materials (IOP) 2005-101
His current research interests focus on the field of biomaterials and bone tissue engineering, nerve regeneration and biomineralization. He was winner of the 2nd Class National Natural Science Award of China in 2011, the winner of 2nd Class National Technological Invention Award of China in 2008, the winner of Somiya Award, International Materials Research Societies in 2003. His patent the Bongold medical device received FDA approval in 2015.
Yun Cui graduated from Nankai University where she majored in Polymer Chemistry and Physics and obtained a master’s degree in 2014. Her research interests include biomedical materials. She has participated in national and Local scientific funded projects, and has published numerous academic papers in major journals such as Biomaterials, Biomacromolecules, Acta Biomaterialia, Regenerative Biomaterials, Materials, Regenerative Biomaterials. Cui joined Allgens in 2014 as a technical engineer, she has worked on several research projects for medical apparatus and instruments.
Zhi-Ye Qiu has more than 10-year experience in biomaterials research and product development. Qiu joined Allgens in 2014 as vice-general manager of the company, and is now in charge of R&D and registration of new products. Qui has published over 30 papers and has 14 patents. Qui is a member of the Society for Bone Repair Materials and Devices of Chinese Society for Biomaterials.