Motherhood, Spirituality and Culture
Routledge Research in Nursing and Midwifery Series


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Spiritual care is considered a significant aspect of holistic healing practices, yet the study of spirituality in the transition to motherhood has been scarcely researched. This book explores spiritual skills that may assist women in their changes, challenges and transformations through the transition to motherhood.

This study comprises rich, qualitative data gathered from eleven mothers? interviews.Results are analysed in two forms: by writing seven unique maternal narratives that elucidate and give voice to the mothers in their transition, and by elucidating six main themes emerging from the analysis: desire/expectations/illusions for mothering; spiritual embodied experiences; instinctual knowing; identity/crisis; connections; and change/transformation.

This book designs a unique framework for qualitative studies of spirituality within motherhood research, by weaving together transpersonal psychology, humanistic psychology, philosophical practice, spiritual intelligence and the theory of spiritual. It?s a refreshing read for those interested in maternity care, midwifery and mental health.

Section I

1. Historical Perspectives on Motherhood

2. The Cultural Milieu of Motherhood

3. Psychological Dimensions of Motherhood

4. Spirituality and Society

5. Philosophical, Transpersonal and Humanistic approaches to Spirituality

Section II

6. Liminality, Spirituality and Motherhood

7. Spirituality in Maternal Research Literature over three Decades

8. The Emergence of Maternal Spiritual Capacities

9. Spirituality and Crisis in the Transition to Motherhood

Section III

10. Characteristics of Research Participants

11. Personal Narratives

12. Pre-Transition: Prenatal Experiences

Desire, Expectations, Illusions: Their Spiritual Meaning

13. Passing through the Transition: Birth Experiences

Spiritual Embodied Knowing

14. Post-Transition: Postnatal Experiences

Instinctual Knowledge: Maternal Bodily and Intuitive Knowing

15. Overview: Connections, Change and Transformation

16. Implications of Findings for Future Practice by Maternal Professionals