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Colour Atlas of Surgical Technique


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This book is a concise guide to neck dissection procedures for practising and trainee otolaryngologists.

Beginning with an introduction to the classification of neck dissections and incisions, the following chapters describe techniques for different sections and disorders of the neck.

Complete chapters are dedicated to selective neck dissection.
Detailed technical and anatomical descriptions of techniques are accompanied by life-like diagrams to enhance learning.

The atlas is authored by recognised experts from University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.
- 1. Classification of Neck Dissections
- 2. Incisions
- 3. Radical Neck Dissection
- 4. Modified Radical Neck Dissection with Preservation of the Spinal Accessory Nerve
- 5. Modified Radical Neck Dissection with Preservation of the Spinal Accessory Nerve and the Internal Jugular Vein
- 6. Modified Radical Neck Dissection Preserving the Spinal Accessory Nerve, the Internal Jugular Vein and the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
- 7. Selective Neck Dissection I–III/IV (Supraomohyoid Neck Dissection)
- 8. Selective Neck Dissection II–IV (Lateral Neck Dissection)
- 9. Selective Neck Dissection II–V, Suboccipital, Retroauricular (Posterolateral Neck Dissection)
- 10. Selective Neck Dissection of Level VI (Central Compartment Dissection)
- 11. Retropharyngeal Node Dissection Index
Residents, Fellows, Otolaryngologists, Plastic Surgeons
Jesus E MedinaMD
Professor of Otolaryngology
Nilesh R Vasan MD
Associate Professor of Otolaryngology

Both at University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA