Novel Nanomaterials for Biomedical, Energy and Environmental Applications
Advanced Nanomaterials Series

Coordinators: Wang Xiaoru, Chen Xi

Language: Anglais

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276 p. · 19.1x23.5 cm · Paperback

Novel Nanomaterials for Biomedical, Environmental, and Energy Applications is a comprehensive study of cutting-edge progress in the synthesis and characterization of novel nanomaterials and the subsequent advances in biomedical, environmental and energy applications. Covering novel concepts and key technical points of interest, this book explores the frontier applications of nanomaterials.

In the early chapters, the book discusses the overall progress of novel nanomaterial applications in the biomedical, environmental and energy fields, introducing the synthesis, characterization, properties and applications of novel nanomaterials, in a practical fashion. The book goes on to discuss biomedical applications, and the electrocatalytical and photothermal effects of novel nanomaterials for efficient energy applications, before summarizing the latest progress in application development.

The book is invaluable to academic researchers and biomedical clinicians working with nanomaterials.

  • Offers comprehensive characterization details of novel and emerging nanomaterials which will help in their vast applications
  • Presents a comprehensive view of emerging ways to synthesize more efficient nanomaterials
  • Describes and monitors the functions of applications of new and emerging nanomaterials in the biomedical, environmental and energy fields, which is very useful in the development of new and more efficient materials
1. Synthesis, Characterization, Properties, and Application Development of Novel Nanomaterials
2. Novel Nanomaterials for Protein Analysis
3. Magnetic nanomaterials for magnetic bioanalysis
4. Functionalization of Gold nanoparticles with DNA for Bioanalytical Application
5. Surface Engineering of Carbon Nanodots (CDs) for Biomedical applications
6. Novel Nano Materials for the Fabrication of Electrochemiluminescent Sensors
7. Fluorescent Graphene Quantum Dots for the Determination of Metal Ions.
8. Nanomaterials for Intracellular pH Sensing and Imaging
9. Nanotechnology of Metal Oxide-based Gas Sensors for the Air Pollution Control
10. Applications and Prospects of Nanomaterials with High Photocatalytic Activity on Air Purification
11. Plasmonic Metallic Nanostructures as Optical Sensors for Environmental Pollutants
12. Application of Novel Nanomaterials for Chemo- and Biosensing of Algal Toxins in Shellfish and Water
13. Photothermal Effect of nanomaterials for Efficient Energy Applications
14. Nanomaterials with Different Dimensions for Electrocatalysis

Materials Scientists, Biomedical engineers, materials chemists, physicists, researchers working on nanomaterials, especially those with healthcare, environmental and energy applications

Professor Xiaoru Wang is currently President and Professor in the Department of Environmental Research at Xiamen Huaxia University, China. She obtained her Ph.D. at Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, USA. Professor Wang’s expertise is in the application of nanomaterials to the environment and she has published over 300 scientific research articles in archival scientific journals.
Professor Xi Chen is a full Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Xiamen University, China. He received his Ph.D. (1996) in Analytical Chemistry from the Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan. Dr. Chen’s research interests cover nano materials in electroanalytical chemistry, bio-chemical sensors and solid-phase microextraction. He has published over 250 scientific research articles in archival scientific journals.