Nuclear cardiology:principles and methods, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1977
Principles and Methods

Topics in Cardiovascular Disease Series

Coordinator: Serafini Aldo

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Nuclear Cardiology
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Nuclear cardiology:principles and methods
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I Fundamentals.- Basic Anatomy of the Normal and Diseased Heart.- Assessment of Left Ventricular Function: Current Methods and Clinical Significance.- Radiopharmaceuticals for Cardiovascular Investigations.- II Shunt Detection in Congenital Heart Disease.- Scintiangiographic and Probe Systems in the Detection of Cardiac Shunts.- Detection of Left-to-Right Shunts by Inhalation of Oxygen-15-Labeled Carbon Dioxide.- III Evaluation of Myocardial Blood Flow and Disease.- Myocardial Energetics.- Potassium-43 and Rubidium-81 Myocardial Imaging at Rest, at Exercise, and During Angina Pectoris.- Myocardial Imaging at Rest and During Stress with MAA or Microspheres.- Measurement of Myocardial Blood Flow Using 133Xe.- Myocardial Perfusion Imaging with MAA Following Coronary Artery Surgery.- Rest and Exercise Myocardial Imaging in the Assessment of the Postoperative Cardiac Patient.- Acute Myocardial Infarct Imaging with 99mTc Stannous Pyrophosphate.- Myocardial Imaging with Thallium-201.- IV Evaluation of Ventricular Function.- Functional Aspects of Myocardial and Valvular Disease: Clinical Correlations.- Techniques for Heart-Lung Imaging.- Noninvasive Measurement of Left-Ventricular Performance Utilizing an Anger Camera—Left-Ventricular Ejection Fraction.- Simplified Techniques for Radioangiographic Analysis.- Value of Combined Hemodynamic and Radiocardiographic Studies in Acute Respiratory Failure.- The Use of C15O2 in the Evaluation of Cardiac Abnormalities.- Radioactive Gases in the Evaluation of Left Ventricular Function.- Early Effect of Cardiac Surgery on Left-Ventricular Ejection Fraction.- V Radioimmunoassay.- Role of Radioimmunoassay in the Cardiac Patient—Principles and Applications.