Nursing Older People
Realities of Practice

Coordinators: Elbourne Heather, le May Andrée

Language: Anglais

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This practical guide helps student and practicing nurses to understand the impact of their care when working with older people. With stories from older people who have had varied experiences of health care and nursing, chapters are underpinned by five key principles: providing patient-centered and dignified care, shared decision making involving family and friends, multi-disciplinary care, improving mental wellbeing through companionship and a sense of value, and an appreciation of both the challenges and rewards of working with older people.


This book offers:

  • Stories which reflect the complexity of care and health experienced by older people and their journeys
  • Topic-oriented chapters which provide a series of evidence-based readings which will use the most up-to-date research evidence merged with national and international policy and practitioner experience
  • Boxed examples of the best/current evidence from experts, researchers and policy makers. This is likely to include practice tips


The volume shall be used to help nursing students and practising nurses to understand better how their care might impact positively on older people?s health and wellbeing. This situates the reader within the world as experienced by older people.

Chapter 1: About this book

Chapter 2: Thinking about the ageing population

Chapter 3: Stories of older age

Chapter 4: Risk taking and risk aversion

Chapter 5: Staying healthy in older age

Chapter 6: Common difficulties experienced by older people

Chapter 7: Frailty and Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Chapter 8: Living and dying in old age

Chapter 9: Conclusions

Appendix 1: Stories of the health challenges associated with older age from the healthtalk-on-line web-site