Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery (2nd Ed., 2nd ed. 2019)

Coordinators: Urban Cicero, Rietjens Mario, El-Tamer Mahmoud, Sacchini Virgilio S.

Language: Anglais

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958 p. · 21x27.9 cm · Hardback

This book demonstrates why oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery represents such an exciting tool for surgeons who undertake breast surgery. Fundamental principles and basic concepts are clearly outlined, and numerous techniques are presented by acknowledged experts from across the world. The emphasis is very much on a ?how to do? approach, with detailed guidance and advice on the various techniques. The informative text is supported by a wealth of color illustrations, and accompanying videos of procedures can be accessed via the publisher?s website.

 This second edition of Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery has been completely revised and updated. More than 25 additional chapters have been included, and new videos of surgeries made available, with the aim of making this already very successful book truly comprehensive, and the most complete reference on the subject ? a true classic. The new edition entails close collaboration between some of the most important centers for breast cancer treatment and research worldwide. It will be an ideal resource for surgical fellows and specialists wishing to learn about indications and the selection of patients, to master technical skills, and to manage complications effectively.   

SECTION 1: BASIC PRINCIPLES FOR ONCOPLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE BREAST SURGERY: 1 Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Blending Science and Art.- 2 Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Anatomy of the Breast.- 3 Breast Cancer Reconstruction Epidemiology .- 4 Hereditary Breast Cancer: Prophylactic mastectomy, breast conservation and rates of cancer.- 5 Breast Imaging in Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery.-  6 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Breast in Surgical Planning .- 7 Breast Cancer Pathology.- 8 Molecular Classification and Prognostic Signatures of Breast Cancer.- 10 Photography Principles for Medical Documentation and Presentations.- 11 Breast Cancer Patient and Reconstructive Consultation.- 12 Aesthetic Principles for Breast Reconstruction.- 13 Neoadjuvant Treatment in Breast Cancer.- 14 Adjuvant Treatment in Breast Cancer.-  15 Whole Breast Radiotherapy after Breast Conserving Surgery .- 16 Partial Radiotherapy with Intrabeam Techniques.- 17 Partial Radiotherapy with ELIOT Techniques.- 18  Radiotherapic Treatment after Mastectomy and its implications to breast reconstruction decision and outcomes.- SECTION 2: ONCOLOGIC SURGERY: 19 Oncologic Principles for Breast Reconstruction: indications and limits.- 20 Classic Lumpectomy and Quadrantectomy Techniques.- 21  Surgical Margins in Breast Conserving Surgery.- 22 Axillary Surgery.- 23.       Skin-Sparing Mastectomy.- 24  Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy.- 25 Nipple Sparing Mastectomy with Eletron Intra-Operative Radiotherapy (ELIOT).- SECTION 3: PARTIAL BREAST RECONSTRUCTION: 26 Preoperative Planning for Oncoplastic Surgery.- 27 Classification of Oncoplastic Techniques for Surgical Practice.- 28 Level I Techniques.- 29  Central Quadrant Techniques.- 30 Dome Mastopexy.- 31 Round Block Techniques.- 31      Superior Pedicle Techniques.- 32 Inferior Pedicle Techniques.- 33 Combined Pedicle Techniques .- 34 Distant Volume Flaps for Conservative Surgery.- 35 Non-Conventional Techniques in Partial Breast Reconstruction.- 36 Delayed Reconstruction after Breast Conserving Surgery.- SECTION 4: BREAST RECONSTRUCTION AFTER MASTECTOMY: 37 Preoperative Planning for Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy.- 38  History and development of breast implants.- 39 Staged Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction.- 40 One-Stage Breast Reconstruction with Definitive Form-Stable Implants.- 41 Breast Reconstruction with Definitive Expanders.- 42 Breast Reconstruction with Implants and Mesh.- 43 Immediate Impant-Based Breast Reconstruction using Variable Lower Pole Support.- 44      Skin-reducing mastectomy.- 45. Autologous Latisimus Dorsi Breast Reconstruction.- 46 Monopedicled TRAM flap.- 47 Bipedicled TRAM flap.- 48 Free flaps.- 49 Delayed breast reconstruction after Mastectomy.- SECTION 5: MANAGEMENT OF COMPLICATIONS: 50  Prevention and Treatment of Infections in Breast Reconstruction .- 51 Wound Management in Breast Surgery .- 52  Deformities and Asymmetry after Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery .- 53 Implant Exposition and Extrusion.- 54 Physiopathology, Prevention and Treatment of Capsular Contracture.- 55  Implant Rupture.- 56 Inframammary Fold Reconstruction.- 57 Donor Site Complications after Reconstruction with Flaps.- 58  Complications of Unipedicled TRAM: Treatment and Prevention.- SECTION 6: REFINEMENTS AFTER BREAST RECONSTRUCTION: 59 Treatment and Care of the Scars in Breast Reconstruction.- 60 Lipofilling.- 61.   Nipple and Areola Reconstruction .- 62 Revisions after Breast Reconstruction.- SECTION 7: BREAST RECONSTRUCTION IN SPECIAL POPULATIONS: 63 Immediate Breast Reconstruction in Pregnancy and Lactation.- 64  Breast Reconstruction in Elderly.- 65 Breast Reconstruction before Radiotherapy.- 66 Breast Reconstruction in Previously Irradiated Patients.- 67 Breast Reconstruction after Aesthetic Surgeries.- 68  Thoracic Wall Reconstruction in Local Recurrences and Advanced Cases.- SECTION 8: OTHER SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: 69 Systemic Impact of Breast Reconstruction- 70 Psychological aspects of Breast Reconstruction.- 71 Post operatory Care after Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery.- Aesthetics and Quality of Life after Breast Reconstruction.- 73 Oncoplastic and Breast Reconstruction Training .- 74  Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Qualification, Limits, and Mentoring.- 75 Bioethics and Medico-Legal Aspects in Breast Cancer Reconstruction.- 76 Costs and Cost-Effectiveness Considerations in Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Cicero Urban

Hospital Nossa Senhora das Gracas,

Positivo University

Curitiba, Brazil.


Mario Rietjens

European Institute of Oncology,

Milan, Italy.


Mahmoud ElTamer

Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center,

New York, NY, USA.

Virgilio Sacchini

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center,

New York, NY, USA.

Completely revised and updated edition of a reference work for surgical fellows and specialists

Offers a “how-to-do” approach to the techniques employed in oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery

Presents detailed guidance and advice from international experts

Includes a wealth of color images and additional video material