Pharmacotherapeutics for Veterinary Dispensing

Coordinator: Mealey Katrina L.

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Delivers the foundational and practical knowledge required for pharmacists to become an integral part of the veterinary health care team, improving therapeutic outcome while preventing serious adverse drug reactions in veterinary patients

Pharmacotherapeutics for Veterinary Dispensing enables pharmacists and pharmacy students to expand the breadth of their pharmacological knowledge to include common veterinary species. The book offers a practical yet complete resource for dispensing drugs for canine and feline patients, with additional chapters on horses, birds, reptiles, small mammals, and food animals. Edited by a globally recognized expert in veterinary pharmacology, and including chapters written by veterinarians with expertise in pharmacotherapy and pharmacists with expertise in veterinary medicine, this book is designed to help pharmacists enhance the quality of veterinary patient care.

This book is the first to combine the expertise of both veterinarians and pharmacists to enable pharmacists to apply their knowledge and skills to assure optimal therapeutic outcomes for patients of all species. Pharmacotherapeutics for Veterinary Dispensing:

- Puts the information needed to safely dispense prescription and OTC drugs for veterinary patients at the pharmacists’ fingertips
- Focuses on crucial details of canine and feline pharmacotherapeutics
- Helps pharmacists avoid adverse drug reactions including pharmacogenomic and breed-related drug sensitivities
- Offers an authoritative resource written by leading veterinary pharmacy experts designed to integrate pharmacists into the veterinary healthcare team
- Includes crucial regulatory information unique to veterinary drug dispensing and compounding

List of Contributors


1 Introduction to Veterinary Pharmacy
Gigi Davidson

2 Regulation of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
Eden Bermingham

3 Compounding for Animals
Gigi Davidson

4 Comparative Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Katrina L. Mealey and Margo J. Karriker

5 Breed Differences and Pharmacogenetics
Katrina L. Mealey

6 Human Over-the-Counter (OTC) Products: Precautions for Veterinary Patients
Patricia A. Talcott and Katrina L. Mealey

7 Pharmacotherapy of Parasitic Disease
Cory Langston and Andrea S. Varela-Stokes

8 Pain Management in Veterinary Species
Butch Kukanich

9 Pharmacotherapeutics of Infectious Disease
Mark G. Papich

10 Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics
Sunshine M. Lahmers

11 Respiratory Pharmacotherapeutics
Katrina L. Mealey

12 Gastrointestinal, Hepatic, and Pancreatic Pharmacotherapeutics
Michael D. Willard

13 Pharmacotherapy of Renal and Lower Urinary Tract Disease
Joe Bartges

14 Pharmacotherapeutics of Immune-Mediated Disease
Katrina R. Viviano

15 Endocrine Pharmacotherapeutics
Katrina L. Mealey

16 Behavioral Pharmacotherapeutics
Karen L. Overall

17 Pharmacotherapeutics of Neurological Disorders
Annie Chen-Allen

18 Dermatologic Pharmacotherapeutics
Alice M. Jeromin

19 Ophthalmic Pharmacotherapeutics
Terri L. Alessio and Katrina L. Mealey

20 Pharmacotherapeutics of Cancer
Katrina R. Viviano

21 Introduction to Equine Pharmacotherapy
Jennifer L. Davis

22 Introduction to Food Animal Pharmacotherapy
Virginia R. Fajt

23 Pharmacotherapeutics for Nontraditional Pets
Valerie Wiebe and Lauren Eichstadt Forsythe

24 Special Considerations for Service, Working, and Performance Animals
Katrina L. Mealey

25 Counseling for Owners of Veterinary Patients
Katrina L. Mealey

Appendix A Veterinary Teaching Hospital Pharmacy Contact Information
Katrina L. Mealey

Appendix B Directional Anatomical Terminology of Bipeds Quadrupeds
Katrina L. Mealey

Appendix C Vital signs and potential monitoring parameters for dogs, cats, horses, and ferrets
Katrina L. Mealey

Appendix D Auxiliary Labels Cross-referenced by Drug
Gigi Davidson

Appendix E FDA Adverse Event Reporting Form
Gigi Davidson

Appendix F Veterinary Pharmacogenetics Testing Laboratories with Counseling Expertise
Katrina L. Mealey

Appendix G Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratories
Katrina L. Mealey

Appendix H Canine and Feline Body Surface Area Conversion Tables
Stephen W. Mealey

Appendix I Zoonotic Diseases of Dogs, Cats, and Horses
Katrina L. Mealey


Pharmacotherapeutics for Veterinary Dispensing is an essential reference for all pharmacists and pharmacy students that might find themselves dispensing drugs to veterinary patients, as well as for veterinarians and others involved with dispensing veterinary drugs.

Katrina L. Mealey, BS (Pharm), DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVCP, and NAI Fellow, is a Professor and Endowed Chair at Washington State University and is the Founding Director of the Program in Individualized Medicine in the College of Veterinary Medicine in Pullman, WA, USA.