Self-assessment cases in surgical imaging


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Diagnostic radiology plays a vital role in patient management and all clinicians need to be able to recognize the radiological appearances of many medical conditions. Not only are traditional imaging techniques important, but newer techniques such as interventional radiology, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound are increasingly important in clinical practice. The interpretation of radiological images is also an integral part of professional examinations within general surgery. This book covers all modalities in radiology, providing a guide to the principles of plain radiographic film interpretation and an understanding of the roles and limitations of more complex imaging across general surgery. The use of contrast agents, radiation dosage, and guidance on the interpretation of some imaging modalities such as the chest and abdominal radiograph, intravenous urogram, and barium studies are included. The material is presented through the discussion of 101 fully-illustrated cases which take a question and full answer format.
Trainees in surgery and radiology as well as junior doctors and senior medical students, to assist with rapid and effective self assessment and learning. This book should also appeal to established clinicians who wish to refresh their knowl
  • 101 self-assessment questions, arranged randomly as in an exam, allow the reader to cover a large amount of material in a relatively short time
  • Each case includes at least one image to allow the reader to fully understand the radiological findings
  • Includes a full discussion of radiological diagnosis and management to assist with differential diagnosis
  • Provides an overview of the various imaging modalities, use of contrast agents, radiation dosage and guidance on interpretation of some imaging modalities