Structural Interventions for HIV Prevention
Optimizing Strategies for Reducing New Infections and Improving Care

Coordinators: Crosby Richard A., DiClemente Ralph J.

Language: Anglais
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A COMPREHENSIVE NEW REFERENCE WORK ON STRUCTURAL APPROACHES TO PREVENTING HIV Structural interventions ? changes to environment aimed at influencing health behaviors ? are the most universal and cost-effective tool in preventing new incidences of HIV. They are not easy to get right, however. Structural Interventions for HIV Prevention offers an authoritative reference for both understanding these programs and instituting them to greatest effect. Whether through changes to policy, environment, social/community norms, or a combination of each, this volume offers actionable and attainable blueprints to creating and evaluating programs in any setting or country. It is an essential resource for researchers and practitioners in the continuing fights against HIV.
Richard A. Crosby, PhD, is the Good Samaritan Endowed Professor in the department of Health, Behavior, and Society in University of Kentucky's College of Public Health. Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD, is Professor of Global Public Health, Associate Dean for Public Health Innovation and Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at New York University's School of Global Public Health.