Surface and Radiological Anatomy with a Clinical Perspective


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This book is a concise guide to surface and radiological anatomy for undergraduate medical students. Divided into two sections, the first part introduces surface anatomy with a clinical perspective, followed by surface marking of various structures and organs in the thorax, abdomen, head and neck, and upper and lower limb.

The second section provides an overview of radiology and discussion on new imaging techniques. The final chapters describe radiological anatomy of the same structures and organs as in part one. Each topic is explained in depth with applied anatomy, clinical findings and pathologies, differential diagnoses and surgical techniques. Key learning points are highlighted in boxes.

The practical text is enhanced by nearly 200 anatomical diagrams and radiological images to assist learning.
Section 1: Surface Anatomy
- Surface Anatomy with a Clinical Perspective
- Surface Anatomy of the Thorax
- Surface Anatomy of the Abdomen
- Surface Anatomy of the Head and Neck
- Surface Anatomy of the Upper Limb
- Surface Anatomy of the Lower Limb

Section 2: Radiological Anatomy
- Introduction
- Radiology Principle
- Newer Imaging Techniques
- Radiology: Upper Limb
- Radiology: Lower Limb
- Radiology of Thorax
- Radiology: Abdomen and Pelvis
- Radiology of Head and Neck
Undergraduate Medical Students

Ashwini C Appaji MBBS MD
Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Roopa Kulkarni MBBS MS
Principal and Professor, Department of Anatomy, KVG Medical College and Hospital, Sullia, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, India