Taxonomic Guide to Infectious Diseases (2nd Ed.)
Understanding the Biologic Classes of Pathogenic Organisms


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Taxonomic Guide to Infectious Diseases, second edition tackles the complexity of clinical microbiology by assigning every infectious organism to one of 40+ taxonomic classes, and providing a description of the defining traits that apply to all the organisms within each class. This edition is an updated, revised, and greatly expanded guide to the classes of organisms that infect humans.

Taxonomic Guide to Infectious Diseases provides students and clinicians alike with a simplified way to understand the complex fields of clinical microbiology and parasitology.

? Focuses on human disease processes and includes numerous clinical tips for healthcare providers. ? Describes the principles of classification and explains why the science of taxonomy is vital to the fields of bioinformatics and modern disease research. ? Includes images of prototypical organisms for taxonomic classes ? Includes a section that lists common taxonomic pitfalls, and how they can be avoided.

1. Principles of Taxonomy 2. Species and Speciation 3. Bacteria 4. Eukaryotes 5. Animals 6. Fungi 7. Viruses 8. Changing How We Think about Infectious Diseases

medical and graduate students in microbiology, infectious diseases, clinicians, researchers and clinical investigators working in infectious diseases, medical microbiology, pathology and precision medicine