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This book is a guide to the cervix, its functions, and the diagnosis and management of diseases and disorders. Divided into five sections, the first chapters describe the surgical anatomy and physiology of the cervix.

The next sections cover the cervix in pregnancy, ultrasonography and contraception, followed by discussion on gynaecological diseases, screening for cervical cancer and colposcopy.

The final part of the book discusses psychosocial aspects associated with cervical disease, and the HPV virus and the development of therapeutic vaccines.

The text is further enhanced by clinical photographs, illustrations and tables.
. Chapter 1. Overview
. Chapter 2. Surgical Anatomy of Cervix
. Chapter 3. Physiology of Cervix
. Chapter 4. Effects of Drugs on Cervix

. Chapter 5. Cervix in Pregnancy and Labour
. Chapter 6. Cervical Insufficiency
. Chapter 7: Cervical Pregnancy
. Chapter 8. Cervix and Contraception
. Chapter 9. Cervix in Fertility and Infertility
. Chapter 10. Molecular Biology of Cervix in Pregnancy
. Chapter 11. Dilemma in Management of Cervical Cancer in Pregnancy

. Chapter 12. Benign Diseases of the Cervix
. Chapter 13. Cervical Tuberculosis

. Chapter 14. Cervical Cancer Screening in 21st century, Science in Evolution
. Chapter 15. Colposcopy in Detection of Cervical Diseases, Is Anything New?

The Future
. Chapter 16. Psychosocial Aspects associated with Cervical Disease and Neoplasia
. Chapter 17. Human Papilloma Virus infection, Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccines
SN Tripathy MD FICOG
Ex-Professor and Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Shri Ramachandra Bhanj (SCB) Medical College, Cuttack, Odisha, India