The Tobacco Epidemic (2nd Ed., 2nd, revised and extended edition)
Progress in Respiratory Research Series, Vol. 42

Coordinators: Loddenkemper R., Kreuter M.

Director of collection: Herth F.J.F.

Language: Anglais

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286 p. · Hardback

This completely revised and enlarged 2nd edition of The Tobacco Epidemic provides a comprehensive update of the clinical, public health and political aspects of tobacco smoking. Since its 1st edition in 1997, knowledge on the health hazards of tobacco and nicotine addiction has increased considerably, but recent data has shown that the global problem has become more aggravated in low- and middle-income countries: if current trends continue, tobacco smoking will be responsible for the deaths of 1 billion people in the 21st century. Written by outstanding international experts, the book covers the history of tobacco production and use, the economics of tobacco use and control, as well as the health consequences of active and passive smoking in both adults and children. Special chapters discuss the impact of media, movies and TV on tobacco consumption in young people, the patterns and predictors of smoking cessation in the general population and in different social subgroups, and initiatives supported by the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Readers will find the latest information on how nicotine dependence is treated with nicotine replacement products, what role health care professionals play in helping smokers to quit and what effects smoke-free environments, advertising bans and price increases have on smoking prevalence. The potential harms and benefits of smokeless tobacco, waterpipe tobacco smoking and electronic cigarettes are also evaluated. This book is a must-read for anyone in the medical profession who treats patients with smoking-related diseases and for those engaged in tobacco control. It will also be appreciated by interested nonmedical readers like journalists and legislators.