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A thyroidectomy is an operation that involves the surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland.

This book is a guide to thyroidectomy for surgeons and endocrinologists.

Beginning with an overview of the cross-sectional anatomy of the neck, the next chapters explain patient positioning and skin incision.

The following sections discuss surgical techniques for different sections of the thyroid and for different disorders. Authored by internationally recognised experts in the field, the text is further enhanced by clinical photographs and diagrams illustrating surgical procedures, anatomical dissections, and schematic representations.

- Chapter 1: Anatomy

. Cross-Sectional View of the Neck

. Surgical Technique

- Chapter 2: Positioning of the Patient

. Skin Incision

. Transection of the Pre-laryngeal Muscles

- Chapter 3: Right Lobe

- Chapter 4: Left Lobe

- Chapter 5: Isthmus

- Chapter 6: Thyroid Remnant Stump

- Chapter 7: Voluminous Goiter

- Chapter 8: Cervicothoracic Goiter

- Chapter 9: Retropharyngeal Extension

- Index

Surgeons, endocrinologists

Ernesto P Molmenti MD PhD MBA
Professor of Surgery, Medicine and Paediatrics, Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery, Director, Adult and Paediatric Kidney Transplantation, Hofstra Northwell Schoolof Medicine, Long Island, New York, USA

Hebe Thioly Molmenti
Ex-Professor of Fine Arts

Luis A Molmenti MD PhD FACS
Ex-Vice Dean and Ex-Professor of Surgery, University del Salvador School of Medicine, Argentina