Translational Medicine
A Biomaterials Approach

Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomaterials Series

Coordinators: Yang Lei, Bhaduri Sarit, Webster Thomas J.

Language: Anglais
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Translational Medicine: A Biomaterials Approach delivers timely and detailed information on the latest advances in biomaterials and their role and impact in translational medicine. Key topics addressed include the properties and functions of these materials and how they might be applied for clinical diagnosis and treatment. Particular emphasis is placed on basic fundamentals, biomaterial formulations, design principles, fabrication techniques and transitioning bench-to-bed clinical applications. The book is an essential reference resource for researchers, clinicians, materials scientists, engineers and anyone involved in the future development of innovative biomaterials that drive advancement in translational medicine.

  • Systematically introduces the fundamental principles, rationales and methodologies of creating or improving biomaterials in the context of translational medicine
  • Includes the translational or commercialization status of these new biomaterials
  • Provides the reader with enough background knowledge for a fundamental grip of the difficulties and technicalities of using biomaterial translational medicine
  • Directs the reader on how to find other up-to-date sources (i.e. peer reviewed journals) in the field of translational medicine and biomaterials

1. Translational medicine and biomaterials: Basics and relationship 2. Biomaterials for translational orthopedics 3. Cardiovascular engineering materials in translational medicine 4. Dental materials 5. Biomaterials for neural tissue engineering 6. Nanotechnology and picotechnology: A new arena for translational medicine 7. Biosensor and theranostics 8. Advanced drug delivery 9. 3D printing: A new tool for translational medicine 10. Infectious disease control and biomaterials 11. Biomaterials for Cancer engagement: How to combat cancer with biomaterials 12. Stem cells translational medicine: A biomaterials perspective

materials science and biomedical engineers, clinical researchers, surgeons, and other medical professionals, postgraduate students of biomedical engineering, biomaterials science and translational medicine

Professor, Orthopaedic Institute and the Department of Orthopaedics, the First Affiliated Hospital, Soochow University, China