Complete idiot's guide to women's spirituality


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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Women's Spirituality covers real women and their spiritual awakenings-from patriarchy to partnership traditional approaches to spirituality-the image of women and their roles in the three major world religions the rise and fall-and rise again-of the goddess-and a day in the life of a real goddess our foremothers-profiles in spirituality and letting the spirit free-mind, body, and spirit and seeking wholeness.


1.Women's Spirituality: What Is It?

Asking Questions. Yes, but What Is Women's Spirituality? Politics and Spirituality: Strange or Sacred Bedfellows?

2.New Paradigm: Women on Top?

Patriarchy to Partnership. Naturally Powerful. Meeting on Sacred Ground.

3.Power, Authority, and a Group Hunch.

Show Me the Power. The Voice of Authority: For Heaven's Snake!

4.Rethinking Religion.

Thealogy Isn't Misspelled. Reforming Tradition: Keeping the Baby. Religious Revolutionaries: Frying Other Fish.

5.Black Women's Spirituality and Womanist Theology.

Lord, Get Me Out of Your Way! Those Audacious Women. Hospitality Spirituality.


6.Trying on Goddess Slippers.

Rocking the Cradle of Civilization. The Rise and Fall of the Goddess. Goddess: Appearing All over Town.

7.Seeking Wholeness: Goddess as Archetype.

Archetypes: Creation's Blueprints. New Girl in Town: Beyond Virgin and Whore. Virgin: It's Autonomy, Not Anatomy. The Softer Side of Goddess. The Goddess's Magical Side.

8.Women's Altars: Seat of Power.

Our Spiritual Umbilical Cord. The Legacy: Grandmothers, Mothers, and Daughters. Yielding to a Greater Wisdom. The Sacred and Secular.

9.Ritual 101.

Between You and Your Higher Power. Structure Marries Spontaneity. Sacred Time and Space. The Heart of the Ceremony.

10.Nature's Themes.

That Ol' Devil Moon in the Sky. Moon Struck. The Wheel of the Year Goes 'Round, 'Round, 'Round.

11.Passages to Power.

It's a Girl Thing! Motherhood: More Than a Hallmark Moment. When a Marriage Doesn't Make It. Enjoying a Twanda Moment!


12.Our Foremothers.

Freedom and Justice for All. Sojourner Truth: 'Ain't I a Woman?' The Next Wave.

13.How Jewish Women Do It.

The Jewish Story. J.A.P.: Jewish American Priestesses. Unlocking the Mysteries.

14.Common Roots and Shared Heritage.

Lilies of the Same Field. God: An Equal Opportunity Employer. A Witches' "Brew Ha-Ha".

15.The Spirit of Ecumenism: Working on the Inside.

Trading Places. Bits and Pieces of Faith. A Cutting-Edge Church Community: St. Joan of Arc Parish. Tending the Store. To Die a Good Death.


16.Native Woman.

Indian Affairs. The First Women of the Plains. Chief Wilma Mankiller: Absolute Faith in Her People. In the Voice of Her Ancestors.

17.The Celtic Connection.

Who Are Pagans? The Modern-Day Druid. They've Got That Magic Touch.

18.Wicca: They're Back!

Today's Craft. Bewitched and Bothered, but Definitely Not Bewildered. Margot Draws Down the Moon. Straight up with Zsuzsanna Budapest.

19.Spiritual Instinct.

Morality Is in Your Titty! Dowsing: Intuition in Motion. As the Pendulum Swings.

20.The Soulbody.

Body and Soul. Chakras: The Soulbody's Energy Centers. Biology: Spiritual Wiring. Growing Old and Wearing Purple!.


21.Creativity and Spirituality.

The Dinner Party. Minnie Pearl Meets Lily Tomlin. Music, Music, Music. Friendship Beading Company. Following the Impulse. Feeding the Body and Nourishing the Soul.

22.Mother's Medicine Chest.

Singing Their Praises. Kids