Complete idiot's guide to fasting


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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fasting covers: fasting around the world-religious, cultural, and historical traditions and their relationships to modern health, nutrition, and spirituality the differences between types of fast, from the one-day weekly juice fast to the yearly five-day fast and more the physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges of fasting-particularly fasting as a catalyst for spiritual growth fasting and health, and the mind-body connection fasting and meditation, including fasting retreats six types and fasts, as well as variations and your fasting toolkit, with information for preparation for fasts of any length.


1.Food Is Good, So Why Fast?

Food Is Good, But Not Always. What Exactly Is Fasting? What Fasting Isn't. Different Fasts for Different Folks.

2.Body and Soul: A Fast Trip Around the World.

Fasting Around the World. Fasting and Christianity. Fasting and Judaism. Fasting and Islam. Fasting and the Far East. Fasting in Other Traditions. Fasting and the New Age of Spirituality. The Relevance of Fasting Today.

3.The Anatomy of a Fast.

Take a Trip Through Your Digestive Tract. What Happens in the Fasting Body. Variations on a Fast.

4.The Spirit Is Willing: Overcoming Obstacles.

It's Not Easy. Your Fasting Success Indicator: A Quiz. All About Willpower.


5.Fasting and Meditation.

Zen and the Art of Fasting. Setting the Groundwork. Meditation FAQs. Guided Meditations to Try.

6.Fasting and Spiritual Growth.

What Is Spirituality? What Your Spirit Learns from Fasting. Other Fasting Boosters. Mapping Your Spiritual Path.

7.The Essence Beyond 'Not Eating'.

Fast Track to the Soul. Getting Inside Yourself. Free Your Chi. Release Your Chakras. Cleanse Your Aura. Soul as Metaphor.

8.Profiles in Enlightenment.

Buddha and the Fig Tree. Christ in the Desert. Mohammed and the Delivery of the Koran. Fasting and the Saints. Gandhi's Famous Fasts. Mother Teresa's Leadership.

9.The Fasting Retreat

Why a Retreat? Visiting a Fasting Center or Spiritual Retreat. Your Personal, At-Home Fasting Retreat.


10.Fasting and Your Body-Mind.

What's a Body-Mind? Fasting's Body-Mind Power Tools. Body Meets Mind, Mind Meets Spirit.

11.Fasting, a Natural Diet, and Movement.

What to Eat When You're Not Fasting. What to Drink. Get Moving.

12.Weighing In on Fasting.

The Difference Between Overweight and Obese. Fasting for Self-Discovery. Help for Eating Disorders. When You Must See Your Doctor. Other Weight Loss Options: First Do No Harm.

13.Fasting in Real Life.

Fasting and Your Daily Grind. How's Your Day? A Quiz. The Barriers You Will Encounter.

14.Your Fasting Planner.

Setting Your Goals: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly. Perusing Your Schedule. Using a Fasting Planner. Fasting for Women. Fasting for Men. Fasting for Seniors.


15.Fasting for Physical Transformation.

America's Chronic Disease Plague. Not Eating to Build a Better Body. The Healing Power of Fasting. The Healer Is You.

16.Fasting to Improve Health.

Your Immune System: A Mini Primer. When the Immune System Goes Awry. Freeing Your Body-Mind for Healing.

17.Fasting for Better Digestion.

Your Digestion at Work. When Your Digestion Stops Working. Fasting and Your Digestive System. Activate Your Second Chakra.


18.Getting Into the Spirit: Your Fasting Primer.

Before You Begin. What to Expect During a Short Fast. What to Expect During a Longer Fast. The Importance of Mind-Body Transitions.

19.The Biweekly 16-Hour Fast.

Your Biweekly 16-Hour Fast. Your Hour-by-Hour Schedule. Your 16-Hour Menu Planner. Your Shopping List. Your Calendar. Your Fasting Journal. Just for You: Inspiration to Keep You Going.

20.The Week